Paying It Forward: Thanksgiving Is About Giving!
It isn’t about candy, or buying gifts; it isn’t about fireworks; it’s simply about being thankful, eating delicious food and spending quality time with family and friends. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 by the pilgrims after their first successful harvest in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The first Thanksgiving lasted about three days and was attended by 53 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday. Well, that sure took long enough!  Today, Thanksgiving is so big that 46 million turkeys will be basted this year!  Black Friday? It should be called Green Friday! Thanksgiving spurred, “Black Friday,” a term cooked up in the 1950’s by police to describe the cornucopia of pedestrians and traffic that gobbled up all the streets the day after Thanksgiving. People would call in sick to work just to get a jump on holiday shopping! In 1961, marketers dubbed it, “Big Friday,” and promised a feast of items at discounted prices.  In 2017, Americans spent over 5 billion dollars in twenty-four hours on Black Friday. A smorgasbord of savings!  Cyber Monday? Cyber Fun-day!  As we all know, “the times they are changing’,” and on November 28, 2005, marketing companies debuted, “Cyber Monday,” in an effort to get people to shop online. Boasting no long lines, no getting up early nor staying up late to bump shoulders with other eager shoppers—Cyber Monday became an instant favorite in the melting pot of shopping, and saw sales reaching to 6.6 billion in 2017!   Paying it forward. With all these special days to save money while buying amazing things for ourselves, it’s important to remember how lucky we are, blessed to have the families and fortunes that we have. On this special day, to feel the true meaning of Thanksgiving, we at Gululu pose to you to do something generous for people less fortunate.  Here are just a few ways you can teach children about generosity, responsibility, and compassion: 1) Donate to a local homeless shelter or the VA!  With your child, go around your house and find things you don’t really need or use much any more.  Talk about the joy this item brought to you, and how much it will bring to someone else. 2) Gift giving!  Give your child a gift, for the sole purpose of giving it to someone else. Let your child choose to whom they want to give the gift. Help to make gratitude the centerpiece of Thanksgiving!  3) Volunteer!  There are many places that serve food and provide other services to homeless and elderly people.  Check out local shelters to see how you can help.  4) Get your child a Gululu and support children in developing countries!  We at Gululu live the word generosity, and ask that you help out, too. By purchasing a Gululu for your child, you will not only start their learning about healthy drinking habits, but also about being generous. Thanks to our cooperation with, a portion of every Gululu sold goes toward helping build sustainable water wells for children in developing countries.  And what’s the best thing about buying a Gululu? You don’t have to call in sick to get one! Let’s make our new world one full of health and generosity!  From all of us, at Gululu.    Give thanks, and have a Happy Thanksgiving! 
Boo! It’s a Gululu DYI Halloween!
Wooooooooooo! Creak….Creak…Ooooooooo! What’s that sound!? Did you hear that? It sounds like…Halloween! Yay! Celebrated in most western countries-- among them are the USA, European countries, Canada, Australia, The Dominican Republic, and even more. There is no holiday loved more by children around the world than Halloween.  Yes, yes, Christmas is grand, but all kids love candy! Candy! Candy! Trick or Treat! Trick or treating began in the 1930’s, and kids were given mostly homemade treats.  In the 1950’s candy companies started to catch on, and began marketing manufactured candies as an easier--and safer--product for kids.  Today, Halloween is one of the most popular and expensive holidays, with Americans to spend $9 billion this year!   Is Halloween only about candy? We all know kids love candy but is candy what Halloween’s all about? 2000 years ago, ancient Celts celebrated Halloween, originally called Samhain, and their new year on November 1st.  The Celts’ superstition believed the barrier between the real world and the spirit world was thin during this time of year, and that all sorts of eerie ghosts and spellbinding spirits with magic powers could walk the earth!  So, what about costumes? The Celts would have a giant party and dress up in scary outfits to frighten away the unwanted apparitions. They also hollowed out large turnips and put a burning coal inside to ward off shadowy specters--that’s where carving Jack-o-lanterns comes from! In the 8th century, Pope Gregory III made November 1st, All Saint’s Day, and the night before, All Hallows Eve—Allhalloweeve—Halloween!    This Halloween, Gululu wants to make family—not candy--the focus of the fun! Here we shared some “do it yourself” ideas the whole family can enjoy together!   Try some of these out to spur your own creativity:  Click here to create some Halloween Crafts Halloween superhero capes with your name!??   What you'll need? Pumpkin picture frames! What You'll Need Round picture frames Orange paper Scissors Glue Pen Fine black glitter (Crafty Chica Glitter in Be-Bop Black, $3; Orange ribbon Tape   Make It 1. Remove backing, photo, and glass from frame. 2. Cut orange paper to match the size of the glass, then draw each jack-o'-lantern feature with a glue pen and immediately sprinkle with glitter before moving on to the next. 3. Cut an extended length of orange ribbon and wrap around the frame to cover; tape on the underside to secure. Replace frame backing to display. Originally published in the October 2009 issue of Parents magazine. Halloween Flashlight projections craft This Halloween craft is pretty simple! First, pick up some flashlights. Next, get some cardstock for creating your shapes from your favorite craft store.  Cut your images to fit a basic flashlight, we sized them to be 2? (fit it to your flashlights’ opening size.) Note that the mini size ones did not project that well… Once you cut your wanted shape, just tape them to the edge of your flashlight and shine it away!   We hope you have a wonderfully wicked Halloween!  From all of us here at BOO-lulu!  Happy Halloween!!!!  Want to make Pumpkin Picture Frames?
What's the connection between the Magic Johnson Empowerment Center, Gaming, and Gululu?
Oh boy, we are so excited about this collaboration! You know why?  If you have been following us for a while, you know that our mission is to hydrate kids around the world. We are always looking for new ways to impact more children and further educate them to acquire more water and develop a healthy life routine!  Gululu is excited to announce the latest collaboration to show our support towards upholding our mission of improving children's health around the world. Gululu is officially teaming up with the health-focused gaming company Gamers Rock. Together we are launching the joint initiative,  "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration!”   This initiative will use the latest computer technology and motion sensor gaming to encourage youth to meet their daily recommended water intake while participating in sport activities. Using a "learning through play" approach through the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, the initiative strives to cultivate healthy hydration habits and transform them with a rewards program that will act as a great incentive to encourage the participants to drink more water and complete their assigned hydration goals. After a successful summer pilot, the implementation of the "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration" initiative will continue this fall, and will take place in selected schools and after-school programs all over the United States! The "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration" summer camp pilot programs were launched in some of the most respected after-school programs in the country, including The Boys & Girls Club of America, YMCA, American Diabetes Camps, 4H, and Magic Johnson Empowerment Centers.  The pilot programs took place in Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Ohio.   And what do you know? We really made a difference, and we are thrilled to share the comments about it! Mary Kauffman, Manager of the Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center in Cleveland, Ohio said: "The overall impression of the 'Level Up H20 Fun Hydration' initiative, and the Gululu bottle has been extremely positive. Parents should always encourage their children to drink more water instead of sugary drinks and stay healthy,"  "We are delighted to enter this partnership with a global leader in the field of interactive hydration technology," said Gamers Rock founder and "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration" Executive Director, Jermaine Hargrove. "The joint project will raise awareness and support healthier lifestyles for children around the world."   Search for Gululu and Gamers Rock programs in this website: It is our commitment to keep hydrating the kids of America, and the world.   Stay hydrated!   Much Gulu-Love! Gululu Family  
4 ways to ensure smooth transition from summer fun to school-time!
Wow! Where did the time go? It seems that just last month we were busy signing our kids up for summer programs, planning vacations, and sending them to visit family.   And then out of nowhere, summer is almost over, and it’s time for school again!   For lots of parents, the start of the school year is when things finally get back to normal. However, for our kids, it’s almost a nightmare coming true!   No more late night movies, sleeping late, day after day of fun with friends and family.  Time spent at the pool will be replaced with time spent at a desk, learning new things in the classroom. Kids often find it hard to return to the rigors of a structured school week.   New teachers, new classes, new friends—how can they keep up with all of it?   Our dedication to healthy kids and parents is ongoing. We never stop, and we have a few ideas to help make a smooth transition from summer fun to school-time humdrum.   1) Prepare a routine!   The week before school starts, begin practicing the new schedule. Wake up early and have them get ready for “an exciting day at school!”  Prepare a lunch, and remind them to drink from their water bottle to stay hydrated. Tell kids what to expect and be ready to answer any questions they might have.   2) School Walk-through!   Plan some time to walk your kids through their school.  Find all of their classrooms, the principal's office, and bathrooms so they won’t feel lost on their first day. This is also great for parents if you ever need to find your kids during school time, so you’ll know right where to go.   3) Make a play date!   During the week before school, invite some friends over for “a fun day at school.” It’s like a sleepover during the day, filled with school-themed activities instead. Friends can all bring their lunches, eat together, and enjoy “class time” with fun things to do, like Art—coloring, Science—leaf collage, Math—practicing fractions with measuring cups; The possibilities are endless!  Just have fun. This also helps other parents to have a day of practice.   4) Meeting the Teachers!   Meeting your child's teacher together with your child can help ease any anxiety kids might feel when meeting a new person. It can give kids a sense of security: by saying, “Don’t worry.  I’ve got your back.”  It will also show the teacher you really care about your kid’s education by being a part of it.    One more recommendation from us. Don’t forget to give your children a water bottle! Now that they’re away from home all day make sure they stay hydrated. If they have a Gululu bottle, remind them you’ll be checking up on their progress throughout the day, which is a breeze to do on the app. Gululu’s rewards are fun and healthy! Adding your own rewards for keeping up with their water-drinking habits, will show you that you are watching and that you care.   Happy, healthy kids make a happy, healthy future.   From all of us at Gululu, Happy School Days! Much Gulu-Love, The Gululu Family     
How To Design Summer Memories As Permanent As The Sharpie Marks On Your Wall
Summer is in full swing, so there is no better time than right now to plan experiences and adventures that will create lifelong memories for your child(ren) and family! A whiff of salty sea breeze; the sound of singeing marshmallows over a crackling fire; the flash of fireflies against a background of chirping crickets—these are some common triggers of nostalgia that whisk many of us back to yesteryear when time seemed infinite, and our youth was a given. Fast forward to now when we are not just adults, but parents, who understand that time passes more quickly every year, and that childhood is as fleeting as the light coming from our buggy friends’ bums. These memories aren't just pleasant to recall, but they are based on transformational experiences that allowed us to discover who we were, what we were capable of, and many of the wonders of life.    As parents, it is one of our greatest privileges to be able to bring these types of experiences to our children. However, I would like to suggest that instead of just delivering these experiences, we might want to architect them in order to maximize the chances that they will live on forever in our families’ hearts and minds. Here's how to harness three pillars of great architecture—newness, unpredictability, and togetherness—to design experiences that will be as indelible on our families’ memories as those sharpie marks are on your living room wall (which is totally your husband's fault for leaving said pen within your toddler's reach).    1. Learn Something New  Just like an architect, a child's tools for building a strong mind and body are innovation and newness. There is no better time than summer to open your mind, stretch your wings and try something different from what is usually available in the classroom or at home. Don't be shy to act on an inkling that your child might have a hidden talent or interest, as you never know when a spark will ignite lifelong passion. Look for classes, camps, and excursions that are a little outside of your kids’ obvious bailiwicks, and/or embark on those parent-child activities that you have been putting off until a better time such as learning a new cooking technique, making a scrap book, learning an instrument, using basic tools to fix household items, making a shadow portrait, etc… Don't forget that some of your best resources for unique activities are the talented people in your immediate circle who would probably love to be tapped to bring a new experience to your family!    2. Be Unpredictable No architect likes to build a cookie-cutter neighborhood, so why build a cookie-cutter life? Don't let your kids’ summers become cookie-cutter, instead fill their summers with unpredictable adventure! With a little effort, even simple excursions can become as full of discovery as a deep ocean dive.    For example, I once I decided to bring my kids to the Jelly Belly factory, which was about 1.5 hours away from home (a very long time for a 4 and 6-year-old to sit still). I didn't tell them where we were going, instead, I told them that I would give them a clue each time we reached a landmark. Instead of constantly asking me when we were going to get there, they were engaged with looking out the window for landmarks and with noodling on what the clues meant. When we finally arrived at the factory, they were ecstatic about the destination and were finally able to put all of the clues together. The drive to the factory was as exciting as the tour and the candy, and it's an experience they reminisce about fondly even 9 years later!    Then there was that time that my extended family planned a trip to London together. Instead of announcing to our girls where we were going, I persuaded a woman who works at a local nature center (with the help of a modest donation) to pull off the best Harry Potter ruse in parenting history (in a good way!). This amazingly accommodating woman dressed up in a black robe and witches’ hat, and brought one of the nature center's resident owls to our home. With a fairly convincing fake British accent, she pretended to be helping a lost owl deliver Owl Post to each of the girls. With twinkling eyes and mouths agape, they opened their letters to find out that they were invited to Hogwarts in England. One week later, we had an incredible time touring London to see the sites of inspiration for the Harry Potters books and movies, and touring the movie studio just outside of the city. To this day, they recount the experience with an unparalleled tone of wonder and excitement, and they still don't know exactly how it all happened.   3. It's Better Together The “great room” must be one of the best architectural inventions ever, as it allows people to gather naturally so that they can create shared memories together. Make your summer a “great room” by reaching out to family and friends to join you on your summer adventures. If you are like me, you are often making plans at the last minute and it is too late to invite others. Take a look at your calendar now and choose a date a couple of weeks into the future. Then scan event and activity listings for your area on that date, and think of family members and/or friends who would enjoy those adventures with you. Send them a quick message to invite them to a special activity, and cross your fingers that their calendars will sync with yours. We may be half way through summer, but there are still countless outdoor concerts, campgrounds, theme parks, playgrounds, farmers markets, libraries, restaurants, water bodies, and hiking trails (to name a few) that are begging to be explored…together!   As always, stay safe in the summer sun by protecting your skin and eyes (use sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, and protective clothing), and by staying optimally hydrated (Gululu can help with that!).    Stay curious and stay hydrated, Team Gululu
Unleash Your Independence!
Flags flutter in the wind as the smell of barbeque drifts through the neighborhood. The fizzle of firecrackers leaves the subtle taste of sulfur in the air— there’s no mistaking the most all-American day of the year is here! Two hundred and forty-two years ago, on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, launching the 13 colonies’ march to freedom and setting the foundation for a new, proud nation: The United States of America.   What really excites you about Independence day? Adults respect the spirit of Independence Day in different ways. For some, it’s a time for strengthening family bonds or simply relaxing away from work. For others, it’s about remembering battles lost and celebrating the battles won. Truly, it’s about participating in the freedom to express ourselves while saluting the brave people who have fought and died to defend the sacred freedom we cherish.   For kids, however, the fun comes from something else—fireworks! Staying up late to light fireworks and watching the local displays is an exciting tradition. It’s also a patriotic tribute to our forefathers. Fireworks just look fantastic, and there is a continental supply of them! According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, there are more than 14,000 displays nationwide, and Americans will sacrifice around $675 million on a personal arsenal of fireworks this year. Wow! What an explosive good time!   Did someone say food? The Fourth of July just wouldn’t be the same without a triumphant magnitude of it! According to the National Sausage and Hot Dog Council (NHDSC), Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July alone! With all the glorious festivities included, the National Retail Federation says Americans will spend more than $7 billion as a testament to America’s freedom. And $101 million of that goes to soda pop—yuck!   Healthy 4th of July celebrations! Gululu encourages your freedom to choose how to live, and living healthy is our choice. Gululu makes drinking water fun! So, you can leave the soda at the store. We are waging war against dehydration locally and around the world.   The honorable, Theodore Roosevelt, once said: “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders. Cherish the natural resources. Cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children.” Together with, we honor the independence of health, as each bottle sold provides a kid in a third-world country access to water for life.   While enjoying a victorious sum of star-spangled fun, it’s easy to forget that America wasn’t built on fireworks, hotdogs, barbeques and soda. America was built on courage, imagination, diversity and freedom.   We want to encourage you to join our initiative and adopt a healthy lifestyle for your children, and your children’s children.   Have a safe, happy, healthy Fourth of July!! From all of us, at Gululu Smart technology for a healthy world.
Listening is one of our most valued attributes of being a dad
One of the greatest gifts life has to offer is being a parent, and the pride and joy we feel as fathers are insurmountable. As our children grow, so does our love and concern for their well-being and—perhaps the most crucial goal of parenthood—our desire to see them truly happy.     We all have friends and co-workers on Facebook, who post amazing photos traveling to exotic places, eating fantastic foods, and meeting amazing people—they look so happy and carefree that it’s hard not to feel like you’re missing out!  Although parenting often seems less glamorous, nothing creates a more profound sense of purpose or puts life into perspective than raising a child.    We, fathers, are lucky to have this gift of awareness—who has time for “selfies,” when you have to help with homework and get dinner on the table?     Fathers know that keeping track of daily activities—work, play, relationships, parenting, household chores—requires solid routines. At Gululu, we are firm believers in the power of healthy habits, and we strive to instill them in children from an early age.    Today, Father’s Day, our Gululu family wants to remind fathers to not slip into “autopilot” mode with these five essential tips to becoming a better listener:   1) Pay attention: Our kids are often teeming with excitement and want to talk about everything.  It may not seem important, but to them it is essential. As busy as life gets, this is the time to let them know you are listening and they have your full attention.    2) Don’t be too quick to fix: It’s so easy to offer solutions to your child’s problem, but teaching them problem-solving skills will help them as they grow up. When your child shares something with you, try not to share your opinion immediately. Give them positive feedback, convey genuine interest in their ideas, and try to validate their feelings by just being present and listening.    3) It’s okay to be sad or angry sometimes: Wanting to make someone you love feel better is natural. Although our intentions are good, redirecting focus to happier thoughts can teach them not to confront unpleasant emotions. It’s important to help your child open up and deal with both positive and negative feelings. Sometimes all they need is for you to listen and offer them a hug. It may be helpful to give them some time and space to calm down and gather their thoughts before you try and get all the details.   4) Be aware of nonverbal cues: Many messages children send are communicated through other means than just their words— their tone of voice, facial expressions, energy level, posture, changes in behavior patterns—it’s important to “listen” to all of these.     5) Keep the secret: If your child feels comfortable sharing a “secret” with you, even if it seems trivial, try to keep it to yourself. Having emotional stories that are held just between the two of you can reinforce your child’s confidence in your bond and make her or him more likely to be open with you in the future.    Raising children is tough, but it’s an experience that dwarfs any other; as parents, we get to understand love on an entirely new level. And, yes, this journey may not always offer breathtaking views to share on social media, but it’s one that guides us to true fulfillment and happiness.     From all of us at Gululu,    Happy Fathers’ Day!   P.S. Don't forget to share your favorite Father's Day activities with us on our Facebook!
Become an Oceans Hero on World Oceans Day, June 8, 2018!
Become an Oceans Hero on World Oceans Day, June 8, 2018! Today is June 8th, which means that one of the Gululu pets’ favorite events is upon us--World Oceans Day! World Oceans Day is an annual celebration of oceans that takes place on June 8th of every year all across the globe, on all levels from community to state to international. Local celebrations often include beach cleanups and ocean-themed events, as well as global celebrations, which can consist of conferences and summits, such as the one in which Gululu was featured at the United Nations in 2017. We celebrate our oceans not only to appreciate the gifts that our oceans give us, but also to collaborate on ways to protect these gifts for future generations. Each year there is a different focus for the celebration, and this year it is to prevent plastic pollution and to encourage solutions for a healthy ocean. Lets dive into those topics of “plastic pollution” and “healthy ocean” a little bit further to learn how you and your family can become Oceans Heroes.   Plastic Pollution – What Kids and Parents Need to Know Our oceans are full of water, but they are increasingly full of plastic as well. We have all seen the tragic photos and videos of ocean wildlife getting caught in plastic netting or choking on plastic bags that look too much like tasty jellyfish. But it’s not just large pieces like netting and grocery bags that are causing problems, but also microscopically tiny pieces that once-upon-a-time used to be large. Over time, the large pieces break down into increasingly smaller ones that are so tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. You may think, “Great! If I can’t see it, then there’s no problem, right?” Wrong!  If you can’t see the pieces, ocean wildlife can't either, and they end up eating the plastic. Blech! Not only is it not tasty or nutritious, it can actually be dangerous to the animals as well as to the humans that eat the animals. Plastics are made of petroleum-based chemicals that often have even more toxic chemicals added to them. When they enter an animal’s body, these chemicals can be released and can slowly poison the animal, and humans are not exempt from this. Pollution has gotten so bad that in the Pacific Ocean garbage gyres, there is six times as much plastic as plankton. That’s like going in to Starbucks to order a sandwich and getting a six-pack of empty plastic water bottles that you have to eat along with it. Ew.   The Ocean Hero's Plastic Pollution Prevention Action List: 1.    BYOBottle You wouldn’t leave home without your phone or snacks for the kids, so why would you leave without your water bottles? We love bottles with a shoulder strap so that your bottle is always within reach, allowing you to stay optimally hydrated as well as making you into an Oceans Hero who never needs a disposable bottle of water. 2.    Just say NO to plastic straws There are very few cases where one actually needs a straw, so opt for a much greener way to go—drink directly from the cup! It’s so easy even a toddler can do it. For those who do need a straw, there are some really cool reusable and portable ones on the market now. No plastic straws, no plastic excuses! 3.    Refuse to Abuse Petroleum-Based Take-Out Containers and Utensils Keep a stash of Tupperware and utensils in the car for that spontaneous trip to the taqueria, or at the very least ask vendors for paper, corn, or wood pulp-based biodegradable containers (the jury is still out on biodegradable plastics that require commercial facilities to biodegrade). Food tastes even better when it’s pollution-free! 4.    You Can inVast in CanVas! Maybe our spelling isn’t perfect, but you get the point. Canvas bags are the way to shop! Forget those plastic ones that they offer you “for free” at the stores--nothing comes for free, and our oceans have ended up paying the price our reliance on plastic over the past few decades. But now it’s 2018 and we know better, so it’s time for us to do better.Keep a stash in your vehicles and near your front door so that a canvas bag is always within reach when you might need one. 5.    Spread the Word on Plastic Pollution—use the World Oceans Day Lesson Plan to learn how you can educate and inspire others to be Oceans Heroes!   Healthy Oceans – What Kids and Parents Need to Know Our oceans are sick and suffering from man-made threats of all kinds, and with a little knowledge, we have the power to turn things around. Here are three of the main threats, along with a list of Ocean Hero Action Items that are fun and easy for families to implement.   1.    Eutrophication (yoo-troh-fi-cay-shun) If the world is a kitchen…then the land is the countertop, the rivers and lakes are the sinks, and the oceans are the drains. All of the excess bits and pieces that end up on your kitchen countertops get pushed into the sink where they all eventually congregate in the drain, and…well…ew…it can turn into a science experiment pretty quickly. The same is true for our oceans--the excess waste we produce on land in the form of sewage, detergents, fertilizers, pesticides and even fallout from burning fossil fuels runs off into our streams and rivers and it is eventually carried to our ocean drains. These excess “nutrients” (largely nitrates and phosphates) cause certain plant life and algae to flourish, which all sounds great, until we realize that it is at the expense of marine creatures as well as some native plant species. The plants produce oxygen while they are alive (good!), but when they die, the bacterial degradation process consumes all of the available oxygen, which suffocates marine animals. It also produces a lot of carbon dioxide which lowers the pH of the water and in turn leads to coral reef bleaching as well as to global warming. Furthermore, some algae that grow in response to these excess nutrients produce toxic chemicals which can cause widespread illness and death of ocean and coastal species. This scenario of excess nutrients and plant growth is called eutrophication, and is having deleterious effects on a growing number of coasts and lakes. NOAA estimates that 65% of US estuaries and coastal water bodies are moderately to severely degraded by eutrophication. If you can’t remember how to pronounce or spell ‘eutrophication’, at the very least you should remember that it’s bad, very bad. 2.    Global Warming As you probably know, our world is warming to disastrously high temperatures due to our over-burning of fossil fuels. This process releases carbon dioxide into the air which traps heat and increases the global average temperature. Some of the carbon dioxide also dissolves into our oceans, where it lowers the pH of the water (ocean acidification) and disrupts the chemical balance of ecosystems so much that we are now witnessing widespread death of coral reefs and other fishing habitats that have sustained human life for centuries. 3.    Irresponsible Fishing Eutrophication and global warming are not the only things decreasing fish populations throughout the world, in fact, irresponsible fishing is another main culprit. The demand for seafood has increased so much that we have been removing fish from the ocean faster than they can replenish themselves. We are “overfishing” our oceans to the point where some fish industries have actually collapsed—orange roughy, Chilean sea bass, and Bluefin tuna, to name a few, and many more are on the verge. Because fish supplies are growing more scarce, commercial fishermen are “fishing down” to greater depths using more aggressive equipment that traps and kills not only the species they are seeking, but other “innocent bystander” species as well. It’s not a good time to be an ocean dweller right now.   Oceans Hero Healthy Oceans Action List: 1.    Go Organic Organic farming has been shown to cause just one-fifth the amount of nitrate runoff as conventional farming and can therefore help reduce eutrophication and global warming significantly. 2.    Power Yourself with Plants Eating a plant-based diet helps to prevent global warming by preserving forests (they reduce greenhouse gases), and decreasing the number of cows who are notorious for producing high amounts of greenhouse gases. In fact, going plant-powered is the most effective thing a person can do to prevent global warming, with giving up your car coming in a close second. Going plant-powered will also help fish populations to regenerate, thereby ensuring that the bounty of the oceans is available to generations of the future. If you must eat fish, then it’s best to consult to help you make more sustainable choices. 3.    Kick the Fossil Fuel Addiction Burning fossil fuels for energy and transportation produces a lot of ocean-acidifying carbon dioxide, so we all need to limit our use of them as much as possible. Instead of driving to the pharmacy, hop on your bikes. Instead of living in a big house far from work, how about living in a more modest on close enough to work to walk, bike or take public transportation. Instead of relying on your power company to supply electricity, how about installing solar panels on your roof. Instead of voting for candidates who support the fossil fuel industries, give your vote to someone committed to boosting the renewable clean energy industry.   The Gululu pets—Ninji, Sansa, Purpie & Donnie—all thank you for your efforts to become Oceans Heroes who will protect the oceans for all future generations. They invite you to send pictures of your ocean adventures, and hope you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated (#gululuoceanshero)! Love, The Gululu Family
Gululu introduces a new interactive water bottle, "Gululu Go"!
Today is an extraordinary day for us at Gululu—that fantastic rush of bringing a new child into the world is exactly how we feel about our brand new interactive water bottle, “Gululu Go”! The stars must be aligned, because exactly two years ago, May 24, 2016, we launched our first Gululu bottle on Kickstarter.    The journey of bringing to life such an innovative product—the first of its kind in the world—is challenging, exciting, and scary at times. With great efforts, we fully devoted ourselves to making this bottle a reality and took many personal risks along the way, knowing that we are serving a greater purpose.     For the past two years since our first Gululu launch, we have made three full iterations to the Gululu bottle, released over 15 versions of the Gululu game and app, and gained over 40,000 Gululu innovative users from across 70+ countries.   We have learned so much from our tens of thousands of users around the world on so many levels—from the mom of a child living with autism who didn't want to drink water before she had Gululu, to the kid who wouldn't leave his Gululu pet alone all day and even all night—feedback from parents and teachers has been absolutely invaluable to us.    We have taken all that we have learned to bring you this new “Gululu Go” bottle.   Gululu Go’s Special Features   The new addition to the Gululu family is smaller, lighter, with a special latch, making it easy to carry around. Most significantly, “Gululu Go” features a sound speaker, which allows the Gululu pets to talk to children for the first time, using over 200 phrases and different voices for the individual pet characters. The bottle is made from high-quality, BPA-free material, and it’s purposefully designed with a strong emphasis on having a great user experience, both for your kids and for you.   And, of course, we at Gululu adhere to the highest possible standards. Our “Gululu Go” bottles comply with the federal "children's online privacy protection act" (COPPA), and our continued partnership with means that a portion of every “Gululu Go” bottle purchase goes directly into building water wells for children in developing countries.   Give your child  the gift of habit    We invite you to join the celebrations and share the new bottle with your loved ones. Consider giving them a gift that is healthy, educational, and fun! And now, for a limited time, we would like to offer you a 35% discount. Just click here.   Thank you for being on this journey with us—we are honored to be able to support healthy hydration habits for children around the world, and we are thrilled to partner with you on this important mission!   Much Gulu-Love, The Gululu Family :) 
How to spend more quality time with family in the digitized age?
We live in a world where there are more tech devices than people. Parents and kids alike are spending more and more time on these devices. And while technology can certainly enhance our lives and routines, it's important that we don't let it displace important activities, such as quality family time. As every parent knows, children grow up in the blink of an eye and making more memories together is always a welcome habit to form. Here are 3 ideas you can implement to have more quality family time, and less screen time. SET LIMITS- This is easier said than done, but setting strict limits around screen time can easily increase the amount of time you spend together interacting as a family without having to force it. It also helps children to engage in more conversations which are key for development. Just remember if you expect your kids to have limits on screen time, you should as well.   HAVE NO DEVICE ZONES- A no device zone is simply an area or areas of the house where devices are not allowed. This teaches your children that devices have a time and a place for use and that they are not always welcome. Its important to remember that this rule goes for everyone in the house, parents and children alike. Lead by example and children will follow suit. SCHEDULE CO-DEVICE TIME- As children get older it's very important to keep an eye on their online activity for safety. This is a great habit to form when they are young. Then as they become teenagers, it will be part of your routine versus a new rule you are mandating. At least once a week, schedule co-device time where you sit and participate or watch whatever game, show, etc. they want. Not only will it be shared bonding time, but it can also be a time for you to monitor their activities. Technology is all around us and we don't want our children to ignore its existence, but we should monitor and set boundaries around its usage. It is our job as parents to ensure the technology we use is enhancing our lives versus displacing social interactions. For example, a Gululu water bottle is a helpful technology, whereas a non-educational tablet game is not helpful. There is a time and place for all types of technology and we can start teaching that at a very young age. The most important thing to remember is that nothing is as valuable as quality family time, so take your kids for a walk, play a board game together or cook a meal together in the kitchen. These are the moments where cherished memories are made! Love, Team Gululu
An open letter to Mothers – This day is all about celebrating everything you do!
Mother's Day is a day we cherish here at Gululu – we admire you mothers out there for all that you do and provide to your families while turning children into independent grownups. That is surely not an easy task… more like a life’s mission! <meta charset="utf-8"/> On this day, we want you to really think hard about how Mother's Day makes you feel;   What memories does it bring along? Is it a vision of your joyful childhood? Do you see fun moments with your mom? Do you remember things she taught you, or advice she gave you? Small things that make you both laugh? Secrets only you both shared? or how warm and loving her hug is?   What Smell comes to mind? Is it your favorite childhood dish, or the dessert she taught you how to make? Maybe it’s her eternal perfume, with a smell that is only kept for her.   How similar are you to your mom? Do you talk to your kids the same way she did to you when you were young? Do you teach your kids the same values she taught you? Baking them the same cakes you had at home? Do you hear her voice in your head giving you advice? It's interesting to reflect and realize what traits, values or words we took from our moms into our grownup lives. It’s exciting to cherish the impact that our moms had on us, and understand that we impact our kids and partners similarly!!   Watch this special and touching video we made for you, moms! What would you like to give yourself the most today? On this Mother's Day, we have a request for all of you moms: Stop the busy routine for 1 hour - 60 minutes only! Go ahead and spoil yourself – Take a warm bath with a glass of Champagne, go for a stroll in nature, head out shopping with friends,  go to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to for ages, visit your soul-friend for a heart to heart conversation…   Basically – take at least 1 hour to fill your heart with whatever fuels you with energy, love, and pride for who you are! Remember- when you are happy and filled with energy, the whole family is happy! You deserve it!   We wish you a happy, loving Mother's Day! Sending our Gulu-Love, Team Gululu
What can we learn from Earth Day 2018
Earth Day 2018 is here and is the perfect time to share with your children educational information and inspiration needed to contribute to the end to pollution. This year’s Earth Day is dedicated to ending plastic pollution; when we think about it - Plastic bags, disposable water bottles, plates, utensils, straws and hundreds of more plastic materials make up our everyday life; we overuse plastic every day without even realizing it.    For the most part, our used plastic ends up on the streets, oceans and, in landfills. Some of it gets recycled as the importance of recycling has been a common theme around the world. We invite you to take an active part in getting the message out there -  the need to eliminate plastic pollution or at least recycle it. We only have one planet.   As Earth Day exemplifies the importance of being aware of the Earth’s natural resources, and what we can do to make a change, Gululu has put in a tremendous amount of work to contribute to our planet along with creative ways to teach the importance of water in a child’s life and end the use of un-recycled plastic bottles.   How can we make a difference on Earth Day 2018?   Teach children the importance of the Earth’s natural resources, including plastic and water. It can be simple, effective and fun, and Earth Day 2018 is the perfect time to start! Let’s all try to eliminate unnecessary plastic use in our everyday life. Purchase a Gululu Interactive Water Bottle to eliminate the use of plastic from a disposable water bottle by drinking from a reusable Gululu, and at the same time, teach children fun and healthy drinking habits that will last a lifetime. It is the best of both worlds.   To make a big impact and create more clean drinking water for kids around the world Gululu by Bowhead Technology, have joined hands with, a humanitarian organization that provides sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, to launch the ‘School-to-School’ program. With the assistance of Gululu, Monroe Elementary School was able to change a sister school and their community’s water situation. Their project was to create a fundraiser that would help a community in Peru, where their only drinking water is from rainwater.  Gululu and Monroe Elementary School’s fundraiser was so successful that the community of 400 plus children and their families finally have access to clean water! Watch the School-to-School video with Monroe Elementary here!   Schools are encouraged to join Gululu’s mission to build more water projects by contacting via Antonia Buban, the Community and Donor Engagement Coordinator, or contact Gululu at   With your help combined with Gululu, we can all eliminate the global water and plastic crisis.   Enjoy Earth Day -  April 22, 2018 - Let us help you make a difference!!   Much Gulu-Love Team Gululu    
5 interactive fun ways to teach your kids about the value of water!
World Water Day 2018 is upon us (March 22nd) and there is no better time to talk to your kids about the importance of water, not just for kids health, but for all areas of life. Water is one of our most important natural resources. People, plants and animals all rely on water to survive. And our bodies are made up of 60% water! Simple facts like these make learning all about water fun for kids. Gululu interactive water bottle, has complied 5 fun ways to teach your kids about the value of water in an interactive way. I SPY WATER GAME: Take a walk around the park and play a simple game of I-spy, search for things that rely on water to survive. Bonus if your kids get thirsty on the walk- we need water to survive too! WATER PIPE PLAY: Explore where water comes from by collecting rain water in a bucket or visiting a river or stream. Discuss how the water gets into your home by showing your kids a pipe system (simple pvc pipes will do). Kids will love playing with the water and the pipes! ICKY DIRTY WATER DEMONSTARTION: Did you know that 1 in 9 people don't have access to safe water? Help your kids understand that access to clean water isn't easy for everyone. Use food color to teach kids about contaminants and watch them spread in the water. At the end add in dirt and see if anyone volunteers to take a swig, explaining that unclean water is not safe. You can also ask your kids to take out the dirt and colors. This is a great visual aide to see that pollution cannot be undone. HYDRATION STATION: Did you know that over 50% of all children are under-hydrated? Conduct a small experiment with two plants to show your kids what happens to a plant that is "dehydrated". It easy to see that a wilted plant does not have the energy to grow and we are the same way! ONE BUCKET OF WATER GAME: Conserving water can be fun at any age! Fill up a large bucket with water before your kids are awake and have them do their morning routine (i.e, make breakfast, brush teeth, comb hair, wash hands, etc) using water from the bucket. Every time they need water for part of their routine, have them get a scoop and scoop out as much as they need. The water goes very quickly! Make it a game and see who can use the least amount. . Teaching kids about water can be simple and effective, and World Water Day is a great day to start. Plus, you don't have to do all the teaching, Ninji, Sansa and Purpie the Gululu pets, are great visual aids showing kids that drinking water is fun and necessary to have energy and thrive! . What can you do to make a difference on World Water Day? Maybe it's as simple as purchasing a Gululu interactive water bottle for your child or as a gift; your purchase of Gululu provides clean drinking water for life to a child in a developing country.  Much Gulu-Love, Team Gululu
Let’s Hear it for the Moms on International Women’s Day!
International Women's Day is once more upon us and it's a cause to celebrate, not just for women around the world, but for everyone.  Strong, resilient and powerful women have been celebrated throughout history for the contributions they make to their families, communities, and to society in general. Moms are the most amazing people on our planet, holding down busy jobs whilst nurturing their families in so many ways.   Modern moms fulfill so many different roles: bread-winners caregivers nurturers nurses playmates teachers cooks cleaners social organizers taxi service   Thank you Moms #1 - For caring for your kid’s health,  giving them all the love and everything they need at all times.. you moms are the real Wonder Women! Thank you Moms #2 - For educating your kids to differentiate between right and wrong, healthy and well-being values shared with lessons from your life Experience. Thank you Moms #3 - For all the things you do day and night, that your kids may only appreciate when they become parents. Today, we at Gululu want to thank you, for teaching your kids healthy life habits - how to eat healthy, drink healthy and play healthy.     We Salute you! Happy Women's Day! Team Gululu  
Discover your Love Language! Valentine's Day Special
How are you sharing the LOVE this Valentine's Day? We believe that every day of the year should be about LOVE, but there is one special day that allows you to reflect on your emotions, give gratitude to those around you and share a greater LOVE with them! Yes it's Valentine's Day :) How can you share LOVE better? There are many ways to share it- It can happen in so many moments, big to small!   What is your Love Language? Dr. Gary Chapman outlines five ways to express and experience LOVE that he calls "love languages". To discover another person's love language, one must observe the way they express love to others, and analyze what they complain about most often and what they request from their significant other most often. People tend to naturally give love in the way that they prefer to receive love, and better communication between couples can be accomplished when one can demonstrate caring to the other person in the love language the recipient understands. These are the 5 Love languages: 1. Receiving gifts 2. Quality Time 3. Words of Affirmation 4. Acts of Service 5. Physical Touch Take the 5 Love Languages® official assessment to discover your love language and begin improving your relationships - Click here Watch These Videos to learn more!   Gululu's Message of Love:   L: Let someone know you care  Let someone know you care by sharing an extra special level of attention! Learn their Love Language helps :) O: Open your heart Open your heart to those who you may not always get to see and celebrate! Go that extra mile and spread the love, you won’t regret it! V: Visit our special sale!   We are running a special V-DAY sale of a $79 USD Interactive bottle (instead of the full price of $149.00) This super special price is available until February15, 2018! Kids health and hydration gets even closer to obtain with this perfect price! Click Here! E: Enter the “Share the Gulu-Love” challenge! This Valentines Day we invite you to visit our Instagram profile and comment under this photo- and tag 2 friends that deserve a Gululu interactive bottle! The winner will be announed on February 15 :)    Happy Valentine's Day! WIth Love, Team Gululu
How to Overcome Winter Dehydration?
Winter brings the chill, sometimes brings the snow, but also brings dehydration! Just because the heat is gone doesn’t mean the chance of dehydration has left as well so it is just as important to keep water nearby now than ever! How do you keep these dangers away? Look at these super helpful 1,2,3 steps to stay away from dehydration!   1. Start and end the day with a glass of water Think about it, while you are drinking water throughout the day, you are preparing your body in this way! If you drink a glass of water right as you get out of bed, you are already jumpstarting your hydration process for the day. While it’s still very important to drink throughout the day, this is a good place to start! Also, think about right before bed, After you and your children have used the bathroom, grab a glass of water and fill yourself up because while you are sleeping for about 8 hours, you aren’t getting an hydration with your rest! Grab some rest and hydration, all while you sleep!   2. Put water next to every meal  A lot of the time the reason why we don’t drink water is because we don’t see the water, or the water is not right beside us whenever our body tells us it is time to drink, but this fixes the problem! Having water with you at every meal, no matter what it is, is a good way to help the food flow down, but also make sure that you are hydrating. Drinking water during a meal also helps satisfy cravings! No matter what you are feasting on in this season, make your choice of drink that thing that we all love - water!   3. Include water in every meal  In a season of sweets and salts, take a break and take a glass of water instead! The cookies, cakes, snacks and treats that have filled your bellies over this winter break have to be replaced by water because your body can’t handle this much indulgence without some good old H2O! But don’t worry, if you’re still hungry all you need to do is find fruits and other hydrating foods to add to your meals along the way. Including water in every meal can look different on many different plates so find the way that is best for you!    Keep us updated on how you and your family hydrate during winter! We can’t wait to hear it!   Love, Team Gululu    Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash
New Year Resolutions Tips by Gululu
With the New Year comes a whole new list of things look back on and a new list of things to look forward to! The past 365 days have come and gone and you and your children have probably learned a great big heap of knowledge and now it’s time to share! Here are 4 fast tips on how to ring in the new year with your little ones, teaching them the importance of their pasts and their futures!    Take a picture, print a picture!  Go through the thousands of pictures you have taken in the year on your phones one-by-one. Your phone or computer should categorize them in the order that they have been taken, so take the time, sit down, and re-live the memories. Pick out your favorite family photos and print them out! Either stick them in frames or make your own display, this way you can look at them every day and then replace them out the next year!   It’s good to have goals! Teaching your little ones the value in goals and attaining them is one of the greatest joys! Use this time to help your kids form 3 goals each that they want to work on in the new year. Whether it is learning a new sport or instrument, or working hard in a type of class, or being nicer to siblings-anything at all-this is a great opportunity! You can even make a physical representation of these goals so that your children can remember them through the year and check in to see if they are attaining them!    Out with the old, in with the new!  After these past seasons of giving and thanks, it is important to show your kids tangible ways to do this. With the new gifts and toys that your little ones have received, take time to declutter and donate some old toys to those who may give them more love in the future! Getting rid of things that are no longer being used means that you are making more room in life for things that you truly value. Show this to your kids by helping them see giving things away is not losing something, its gaining some more space in life!   Play a ball game and don’t let the ball drop! Just like how the ball drops at new year's midnight, use this game to keep everyone entertained and involved while you’re waiting! Use a balloon, blown up with air from your mouth, and play the game: don’t let the balloon touch the ground (don’t let the ball touch the ground). Every time someone saves the ballon from touching the ground by hitting it up in the air, they have to share a favorite moment of the year or memory that they have made. The goal is to never let the ball or balloon touch the ground, so it should leave plenty of room for your kids to be a little bit competitive but also sentimental!    We can’t wait to ring in New Years with you and the Gululu pets feel the same way too! Send us snaps of your little ones hydrating through the night with the Gululu bottles for a chance to be featured!   Love, Team Gululu and Happy New Year! 
5 family tips to start a Christmas to remember!
Can you feel the Christmas vibes in the air? We at Gululu ilove the holiday season, and would like to give youthe best gift- the gift of health and imagination, the gift of companionship-  Gululu interactive bottle in a special price of only $79! Get it on Amazon Exclusives (for a linkte limited time :)   Whether your Christmas fun includes snow or not this year, no fears because we have plenty fun and festive ideas to bring you family together for this special holiday! Here are 5 family tips to start a holiday to remember!    1. Start with the setup! Get the season started by coloring your home red and green and getting your family a tree! No mater what size you get your tree, it is one of the biggest symbols of the Christmas season-a must have! Even if you cannot go out and get a real tree, be creative and find a way to make one around the house!   2. Holiday movies for the holiday mood! Either find a classic or search for something new, but make it a movie marathon with your family all cuddled up in blankets and seasonal snacks! The Grinch, A Christmas Story, The Polar Express, try some of these or look in theaters near you too!   3. Make a fire! Set a fire! Inside your fireplace or outside your home, and multitask at the same time by sharing your favorite memories or moments while stringing tinsel or making popcorn strings by the fire. Grab some hot coco and marshmallows to roast or to slip inside your drinks!   4. Gingerbread house for the win! Grab a set or start cooking up your own gingerbread cooking. Gather the gumdrops, the icing, the candy canes galore and let your little ones work with their minds and their hands to create! It may get a little messy but that’s where the memories are made.    5. Christmas Carol! What a great way to ring in the Christmas season by sharing the gift of you and your children’s beautiful voices to friends and family around you! Huddle up in your warmest clothes and go door to door singing the classics that everyone should know!    If you consider to purchase Gululu as a holiday gift, it is available for you here with a special price of $79!   Wishing you a lovely Christmas! Sending lots of Gulu-LOVE, Team Gululu
Tips to make the most out of Thanksgiving!
What does Thanksgiving day mean to you? Is it a time to be in the presence of family and friends? A time to take a break from the business of life? A time for a great food feast? A time to be thankful for the past blessings and your future ones? Good news! It can be all of these things, Thanksgiving is a great holiday to check off all of these boxes all in one day or over the span of the weekend! You may be wondering, how do we as a family check off all of those things listed above? Let us share and show you how!     Being in the presence of family and friends: This one is simple! All you have to do is all be in the same space at the same time, the way you decide to spend that time is up to you. Use this time to continue family traditions or make new ones! You can also start the day-long cooking process slowly withfamily members too! If you are located in the United States, this could be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as well.     Taking a break from the business of life: The kids are not in school, you may have a day or two off of work, and now you are ready to rest together. Take a break from your scheduling and planning and just let the day go by. Suggestion: don’t even change out of your pajamas! Stick around the house allday and relax. Unplug from electronics and let your eyes rest!     Feasting on great food: The first picture that may pop in your mind of Thanksgiving is a turkey. Make that picture a reality by either having an edible turkey be the center of your table, or even a picture or sculpture of a turkey can do just the same! The foods that surround thatare up to you! Take a traditional take on Thanksgiving with stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, or: try something new and blend new flavors with these old recipes!     A time to recall your blessings: Go through your past year, month by month, since last Thanksgiving. Timeline your life as a family and talk about each of the major blessings in your lives each month! This may be one of the only times where you really get to think about how greatly you havebeen blessed in life. Nothing is too big or too small! Your children making good grades at school, success in sports and arts, your health being sustained, or having so many people to love and care for you well are exceptional examples.     The Gululu Family, Pets and Global Team are thankful for you!       Love,   Team Gululu   (Photo taken by +Simple)
How to prepare your family for Thanksgiving?
How do you prepare with your family for the time in the year, where we get to talk about and remember the things that we are most grateful for? There are so many things to be doing during the holidays, but Thanksgiving specifically is best achieved by making a to-do list on how to get prepared for the many guests and good times that you are soon to have. Here is our 5 piece homemade to-do list on how to have the greatest time with all that may help to make your memories even more unforgettable:   TO DO's:   - Get the shopping done early!  Food shopping is a must to prepare for this holiday centered around that very necessary ingredient. But, this doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, bring the kids along and make it a fun time to all be together, getting the foods that will be gracing your whole table on Thanksgiving day!    -Decorating the house, happens inside and out!  Thanksgiving is all about showing those you love that you are thankful for them, and you can also show your house the same thing! Add some fall or Thanksgiving inspired decorations around the house. These can be handmade hand-turkeys from the kids, fall vegetables on display, or even giving your home its own fall-cleaning by raking leaves and straightening up the inside too!   -Bring traditions back, but also bring on the new! Keep the classics, whatever that is for your family: turkey, stuffing, hot apple cider, cranberry jello, anything! Continue on those traditions, but don’t be afraid to bring in new traditions to mix things up. This can be a pajama walk around the neighborhood, name card decorating for the Thanksgiving dinner table, or try mixing up the menu a bit as well!    -Food prep isn’t just for the adults! Help your kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen with you by teaching them how to make the foods you have all enjoyed together for years! The process might take a little longer, but this is just because there is more time and space for memories to be made. Make sure the kiddos have adult supervision to keep themselves safe and true to the recipe, but also be ready for a whole lot of fun to be mixed in now!    -Take your time for rest and for learning! You may be able to keep yourself busy the entire holiday, but make sure to allot time to spend all together just resting in each other’s presence all in one room! Catch up on all the details of your kids’ lives that you may have missed during the school weeks, this is the perfect time to be still and just keep your ears open!   Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love,  Team Gululu