17 Sep What's the connection between the Magic Johnson Empowerment Center, Gaming, and Gululu?

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Oh boy, we are so excited about this collaboration!
You know why? 

If you have been following us for a while, you know that our mission is to hydrate kids around the world.

We are always looking for new ways to impact more children and further educate them to acquire more water and develop a healthy life routine! 

Gululu is excited to announce the latest collaboration to show our support towards upholding our mission of improving children's health around the world.

Gululu is officially teaming up with the health-focused gaming company Gamers Rock. Together we are launching the joint initiative, 
"Level Up H2O Fun Hydration!”


This initiative will use the latest computer technology and motion sensor gaming to encourage youth to meet their daily recommended water intake while participating in sport activities.

Using a "learning through play" approach through the Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, the initiative strives to cultivate healthy hydration habits and transform them with a rewards program that will act as a great incentive to encourage the participants to drink more water and complete their assigned hydration goals.

After a successful summer pilot, the implementation of the "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration" initiative will continue this fall, and will take place in selected schools and after-school programs all over the United States!

The "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration" summer camp pilot programs were launched in some of the most respected after-school programs in the country, including The Boys & Girls Club of America, YMCA, American Diabetes Camps, 4H, and Magic Johnson Empowerment Centers. 

The pilot programs took place in Georgia, New Jersey, Texas, Virginia, and Ohio.


And what do you know? We really made a difference, and we are thrilled to share the comments about it!
Mary Kauffman, Manager of the Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Center in Cleveland, Ohio said: "The overall impression of the 'Level Up H20 Fun Hydration' initiative, and the Gululu bottle has been extremely positive. Parents should always encourage their children to drink more water instead of sugary drinks and stay healthy," 

"We are delighted to enter this partnership with a global leader in the field of interactive hydration technology," said Gamers Rock founder and "Level Up H2O Fun Hydration" Executive Director, Jermaine Hargrove. "The joint project will raise awareness and support healthier lifestyles for children around the world."


Search for Gululu and Gamers Rock programs in this website: www.gamersrock.com/

It is our commitment to keep hydrating the kids of America, and the world.


Stay hydrated!


Much Gulu-Love!

Gululu Family

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