22 Apr What can we learn from Earth Day 2018

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Earth Day 2018 is here and is the perfect time to share with your children educational information and inspiration needed to contribute to the end to pollution. This year’s Earth Day is dedicated to ending plastic pollution; when we think about it - Plastic bags, disposable water bottles, plates, utensils, straws and hundreds of more plastic materials make up our everyday life; we overuse plastic every day without even realizing it. 


For the most part, our used plastic ends up on the streets, oceans and, in landfills. Some of it gets recycled as the importance of recycling has been a common theme around the world. We invite you to take an active part in getting the message out there -  the need to eliminate plastic pollution or at least recycle it. We only have one planet.


As Earth Day exemplifies the importance of being aware of the Earth’s natural resources, and what we can do to make a change, Gululu has put in a tremendous amount of work to contribute to our planet along with creative ways to teach the importance of water in a child’s life and end the use of un-recycled plastic bottles.


How can we make a difference on Earth Day 2018?


Teach children the importance of the Earth’s natural resources, including plastic and water. It can be simple, effective and fun, and Earth Day 2018 is the perfect time to start!

  • Let’s all try to eliminate unnecessary plastic use in our everyday life.

  • Purchase a Gululu Interactive Water Bottle to eliminate the use of plastic from a disposable water bottle by drinking from a reusable Gululu, and at the same time, teach children fun and healthy drinking habits that will last a lifetime. It is the best of both worlds.


To make a big impact and create more clean drinking water for kids around the world Gululu by Bowhead Technology, have joined hands with Generosity.org, a humanitarian organization that provides sustainable solutions to the global water crisis, to launch the ‘School-to-School’ program. With the assistance of Gululu, Monroe Elementary School was able to change a sister school and their community’s water situation. Their project was to create a fundraiser that would help a community in Peru, where their only drinking water is from rainwater.  Gululu and Monroe Elementary School’s fundraiser was so successful that the community of 400 plus children and their families finally have access to clean water!

Watch the School-to-School video with Monroe Elementary here!


Schools are encouraged to join Gululu’s mission to build more water projects by contacting Generosity.org via Antonia Buban, the Community and Donor Engagement Coordinator, or contact Gululu at partnership@bowhead-tech.com.


With your help combined with Gululu, we can all eliminate the global water and plastic crisis.


Enjoy Earth Day -  April 22, 2018 - Let us help you make a difference!!


Much Gulu-Love

Team Gululu



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