21 Oct Top movies hitting theaters this fall that your kids will love!    

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  The Gululu Pets and Gululu family want to help you and your family spend more special memories and moments together! This can happen through your Gululu Interactive Bottles, but also in another super fun way……What better thing to do on a rainy day, a slow Saturday afternoon, or when you’re searching for fun for the whole family then taking a trip to the movies? This fall season has a ton of feature flicks that are entertaining at any age. Here are a few of the movies hitting theaters this fall that your little ones will love!
  My Little Pony: The Movie
  This movie is all about the journey the ponies embark on as they take on the quest of saving Ponyville from the dark forces that threaten to engulf it. Your little ones will love every ounce of adventure that they get to experience during this trip to the movies!
  Genome Alone
  Follow a teenage girl turned hero who moves into her new house just to find that it is under attack! Her helpers are no other than the gnomes that surround the town. Which side will have victory? Find this movie in theaters to find out!
  The Star
  Hear about the story of the first Christmas from a lovable donkey named Bo on his journey through the desert. Here he picks up plenty of new and charismatic friendships as he follows the Star, becoming a hero and friend to all!
  In the search for his cultural heritage, Coco is on a hunt to find out about his family’s musical past. As he tries to discover his own musical abilities, Coco sets out on a journey with new friend Hector to learn about his past to change his future.
  These new movies shown in theaters have a great opportunity to showcase how a lot of great things in life are about the journey, not always the destination! Use these movies as great opening conversation talking points between you and your kids. Talking abouta movie that you see with your children is a great way to teach them, but also a great way to learn from them!
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