18 May Three Priceless Gifts From Parent To Child

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“Please let me know how and when I can buy these (Gululu).
What a great gift these would make for so many of my friends.”
–Gululu fan on Facebook

Dear Gululu fan, and to all parents and gift-givers,

We are so happy to hear that you love Gululu so much that many of you would like to give our products as gifts—hooray! Actually, while crafting our products, we always keep gifts in mind, but not the kind you wrap up with paper and ribbons. We are talking about priceless gifts!

Here, parents are sharing the priceless gifts that are most important for kids. Learn what they think, and add your own.


Below, we highlight some of the most inspiring priceless gifts that we keep in mind while crafting our kid-centered products.

  • Healthy habits:
    Healthy habits lead to a healthy life. If we develop good habits early on, we can use them to boost our health, our esteem, and our energy. Model good habits to your children by drinking enough water, exercising together, and having consistent bedtime. Sometimes these habits can be difficult to keep, but by turning them into a game, they can help bond a family together.
  • Imagination:
    Imagination gives us paintbrushes, broadens our palette of colors, and strips our canvas of its borders. How can we inspire more creativity in our kids and in ourselves? One way is through reading stories together and creating something new. Try adding your child as a character in your favorite picture book, or invite your child to create their own story. You’ll be amazed!
  • Love:
    Unconditional love is a child’s birthright. Parents show their children love in different ways, but usually the more, the better. Don’t underestimate how much a hug, a conversation after school, a secret note in the lunchbox, or a kiss goodnight can mean for the little ones in your life.
    The best gifts are intangible. Priceless gifts like imagination, good habits and love can never get lost, and can be regifted again and again, even to your kids’ kids later on.
    The mission of Gululu is “wholehearted dedication to children’s wellbeing.” This sense of mission has moved us through difficulties along the way as we integrated technology, innovation and creativity. We hope that the endeavor to bring this product to life is priceless too.
    What do you think matters most to your children? Share a priceless gift that you love sharing with your child!

Team Gululu

Wholehearted dedication to children’s wellbeing

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