23 Jun The Solutions For Dehydration.Help Your Kids To Stay Hydrated Today

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Our kids are thirsty! According to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston, MA, “more than half of all children and adolescents in the U.S. are not getting enough hydration—probably because they’re not drinking enough water.” Because 50% of our little ones are going through each day without getting just the right amount of water, their physical, cognitive and emotional functions can be harmed. Too much sugar has been linked to diseases like diabetes and obesity, and their dehydration doesn’t help either, but there is a way to take on this health issue of today!

A Tried-and-True, Age-Old Solution: it’s all about modeling behavior.

Even though it may be easier said than done, as parents we need to take the lead and show our children the healthy behavior that we know is best. When kids are out of sight we have limited control over their choices, which creates a challenge-but not an impossible one! The best way to encourage our children to eat and be healthier is to model the healthier behavior that we desire for them to have. By doing things like drinking water at family meals, and taking sugary substitute drinks out of the house, our children can learn how to make better choices that will leave them happier and healthier when away from home!


Gamification is a new method used to motivate kids by learning through game design and play. Research shows that education through play is one of the best ways to ensure that your child develops healthy habits, and, more importantly, keeps them over time. So there is a question that needs an answer: how can we implement gamification to ensure that our children can get the proper hydration? Elements of gamification like progress mechanics, social interaction, and music, can have a major impact. For example, try a contest with a sibling or friend: who can drink a water bottle before it’s time to school? Or, create a roadmap on the wall and let your child move one space with every glass of water he or she drinks throughout the month!

The issue of dehydration can also be challenged in three steps, which are also the three goals that Gululu has in order to keep wellness a top priority for our kids as they move and grow each day. 1. Help kids develop healthy habits and healthy learning. 2. Give kids the socialization that they need. 3. Offer a healthy aid by the means of a daily companion.

Gululu has a whole Universe dedicated to the three steps above! The Gululu pet that your child chooses when they receive their Gululu Interactive Bottle can grow and evolve as your child continues to hydrate throughout the day. Plus, drinking goals based on weight and lifestyle ensures that your child will receive just the right amount of hydration each day. The encouragement from habit learning games and shaking the bottle with friends makes drinking water much more fun!

Hydration is important so that kids can live happier and healthier lives, so next time use these tips hydrate your family! ?


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