28 Jul Storytelling time! 5 fun and imaginative tips for family story moments!

Posted at 2:04 a.m. in Children & Family by asi

“Once upon a time……” Those are the words that began the most imaginative and exciting stories of our childhood that held the power to take us to another Universe. Whenever told, a story can expand a mind through the use of vivid imagery, careful word choice, and pure cuteness! Storytelling can transform the world to make it even bigger than it was before and can also offer a great sense of adventure all along the way. Today it is your children’s turn to experience the magic and there are many paths and plots to take to do that!

Story time is important to families. It gives parents and children time and a chance to connect and bond all through the comforts of under a blanket or snuggled up together on the couch.

 Through the rises and falls as a story is told, you and your child can both band together and cheer for the hero, fight against the villain, and laugh a lot along the way! No matter where, or what moment, the time taken to tell a story will always be remembered, even if the particular story is not! Stories also have additional educational benefits for learning even more in everyday life. Storytelling gives kids a chance to grow and develop their creative side. Their ability to be creative and expansive with their words allows kids to not only continue to learn, but also have fun doing it!

Here are a few tips to let kids’ creative flags fly through stories:

1. As mentioned above, start your story with “Once upon a time…” or another that is similar as a key phrase to open up the story possibilities for your kids.

2. Invite your kids to fill in the blanks. Let your children take the lead in the actions and the details, offer them transitional phrases or questions so that they can continue to develop their story and their discovery of the Universe that they will create entirely by themselves.

3. Let your children be the characters! Allow your kids to put themselves into the story so that they can even more firsthand experience the adventure of a new world.

4. Use props. Either homemade or repurposed household items let your kids be active in their experience and make extraordinary things out of ordinary objects.

5. There doesn’t have to be a lesson. Although stories with an extra learning opportunity have value, just plain old-fashioned fun works just the same at making a good story great!

Gululu has its own stories too! By following the three Gululu pets you can travel the Gululu Universe and unlock many journeys and stories along the way. Sansa, Ninji, and Purpie all have different personalities to ensure that your children can continue to have fun and care for them as they hydrate throughout the day. Your kids can explore and discover with action-filled adventure throughout the seas, finding paths and secret places to enjoy and let their imaginations soar. They can investigate the sea floor, find mystical creatures, and continue to help the Gululu pets, like Purpee, grow and evolve through imaginary snacks! Following the magic as your children are guided through the Gululu Universe means that there isn’t anything that they can’t imagine!

Stories have a beginning, middle, and an end, but the connection, the surprises and the adventure contained within them can last forever in a child’s mind. Continue to support your child’s imagination as they grow and age. Share a story with your children, whether your own or Gululu’s, and watch their faces light up like never before!

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