04 Aug Sharing is caring! Share the Gululove and get a special e-gift!

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We have some exciting news from Team Gululu! Today we are announcing a new sharing event that ends in a super fun and cute Gululu gift! Share our Indiegogo page and get our special gift: some Gululu coloring pages! The coloring pages will be a brand new and exclusive way to create your own Gululu Universe and will also feature a selection of unique images that have never been seen before!

Coloring opens up the imagination of children to a whole other world of many opportunities and adventures. Let your family see what magic can happen with paper designs and some color! We want more and more people to be a part of the Gululu Universe and to get to know the Gululu pets! 


In order to share and get your free coloring pages, click on the buttons below:



Artboard 1 Copy 3

Artboard 1 Copy 4


Don't forget to share your coloring work to Instagram and Facebook and tag and @mygululu! 


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