30 Jun Pilot Users Explores The Gululu Universe With Gululu Pets

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We’re excited to announce the pilot user program is under way! We currently have Gululu bottle pilot users in North America, Asia, and Europe! We have received many helpful and supportive feedback comments and insights from parents and children who have their hands on the Gululu bottle themselves. Their fantastic suggestions have definitely helped Gululu to make a big move forward and are helping us constantly find new ways to expand the Gululu Universe!

Team Gululu is currently running the most critical reliability test to improve the Gululu App in different mobile systems and are carefully considering a new game design and product accessories. Our goal is to promote wellness and find a balance that makes the Gululu bottle interesting but also that prevents children from over-engaging. We keep refining the product details and are continuing to think creatively and practically. The manufacturing has entered the last stage and we are almost ready to mass-produce! We have streamlined our standard operation procedure and assembly lines to ensure that the highest quality bottles can come to awaiting families right on time. Gululu can’t wait to meet you!

Here are some families that the Gululu pets have already visited:


“I wanted to tell you that my son loves his bottle. He won’t let it out of his sight! He loves ninji and the sword makes him laugh so loudly. This is like his companion now. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m super excited he’s drinking water without a fight! I am so happy I was able to see how beautiful and cool it is, up close and personal. Thank you for sending the sample for me to review and for him to enjoy.”

“Thought you all might enjoy some photos of the Gululu on the school playground. It was quite the hit with the 2nd grade crew!!”

Gululu has experienced a great amount of success in the pilot program and the Gululu pets are excited to visit many more schools, homes, and families!

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