25 May The Gululu Universe Welcomes Three Pet Profiles

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Your Family Is Invited…to an Underwater World of Adventure


Every great story has a great beginning, and the story of the Gululu Universe is certainly among the greatest. No one, save for a select few, know exactly how the Gululu Universe began. Likewise, no one, save for these same select few, know how Sansa flares stars out of her star wand, how Ninja mastered a ninjakan sword, or how Purpee found a magic fish-eating bag.

We want to share our secrets! Get to know us and explore Gululu!

But the pets are eager to get to know you, and they want to share some of their secrets! In honor of new beginnings, the Gululu pets will share a little about themselves to help you get a glimpse into the Gululu Universe. Welcome to the beginning of a long and wondrous adventure.


Noble Ninja

Look out, swashbucklers, Ninja is my name and sword swishing is my game! Vavish! Hazah! Wowoosh! When I am not being the savior of the Universe, I like to explore secret caves and discover new species of sea creatures. I am an adventurer!



Playful Purpie

Gnawm gnawm gnawm! When I’m not munching on snacks from my magic bag, I love to bounce along the seafloor, searching for treasures I’ll stash in my snackbag. Mmm… exploring is so much more fun with snacks!



Sparkly Sansa

Shiny shells! Sparkly sand! Glittering gems! The glowing waters and treasures within all add to the magic of my sparkle wand. Have you ever dreamed of what it would feel like to be a shooting star? Trinka-tra-loo! I think I can help with that! There’s nothing I can’t do with my wand in my hand.


Other Secrets?

Only a few know how Sansa, Purpee and Ninja, got their magical powers, or became friends. What everyone does know, however, is that now that they’re here, nothing can stop them! Or this is what they thought… until Bezza exploded. Uh oh! We can’t tell you anymore here, but stay tuned as the adventure unfolds.
The best storybook beginnings. Well, second best. After Gululu! :)

Check out some of the great beginnings of other children’s books throughout history. Not quite as awesome as Gululu, but pretty close!

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