06 Jan New Year Resolutions Tips by Gululu

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With the New Year comes a whole new list of things look back on and a new list of things to look forward to! The past 365 days have come and gone and you and your children have probably learned a great big heap of knowledge and now it’s time to share!

Here are 4 fast tips on how to ring in the new year with your little ones, teaching them the importance of their pasts and their futures! 


Take a picture, print a picture! 

Go through the thousands of pictures you have taken in the year on your phones one-by-one. Your phone or computer should categorize them in the order that they have been taken, so take the time, sit down, and re-live the memories. Pick out your favorite family photos and print them out! Either stick them in frames or make your own display, this way you can look at them every day and then replace them out the next year!


It’s good to have goals!

Teaching your little ones the value in goals and attaining them is one of the greatest joys! Use this time to help your kids form 3 goals each that they want to work on in the new year. Whether it is learning a new sport or instrument, or working hard in a type of class, or being nicer to siblings-anything at all-this is a great opportunity! You can even make a physical representation of these goals so that your children can remember them through the year and check in to see if they are attaining them! 


Out with the old, in with the new! 

After these past seasons of giving and thanks, it is important to show your kids tangible ways to do this. With the new gifts and toys that your little ones have received, take time to declutter and donate some old toys to those who may give them more love in the future! Getting rid of things that are no longer being used means that you are making more room in life for things that you truly value. Show this to your kids by helping them see giving things away is not losing something, its gaining some more space in life!


Play a ball game and don’t let the ball drop!

Just like how the ball drops at new year's midnight, use this game to keep everyone entertained and involved while you’re waiting! Use a balloon, blown up with air from your mouth, and play the game: don’t let the balloon touch the ground (don’t let the ball touch the ground). Every time someone saves the ballon from touching the ground by hitting it up in the air, they have to share a favorite moment of the year or memory that they have made. The goal is to never let the ball or balloon touch the ground, so it should leave plenty of room for your kids to be a little bit competitive but also sentimental! 


We can’t wait to ring in New Years with you and the Gululu pets feel the same way too!

Send us snaps of your little ones hydrating through the night with the Gululu bottles for a chance to be featured!


Love, Team Gululu and Happy New Year! 

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