08 Mar Let’s Hear it for the Moms on International Women’s Day!

Posted at 10:54 a.m. by mygululu

International Women's Day is once more upon us and it's a cause to celebrate, not just for women around the world, but for everyone.  Strong, resilient and powerful women have been celebrated throughout history for the contributions they make to their families, communities, and to society in general.

Moms are the most amazing people on our planet, holding down busy jobs whilst nurturing their families in so many ways.  
Modern moms fulfill so many different roles:

  • bread-winners
  • caregivers
  • nurturers
  • nurses
  • playmates
  • teachers
  • cooks
  • cleaners
  • social organizers
  • taxi service

Thank you Moms #1 - For caring for your kid’s health,  giving them all the love and everything they need at all times.. you moms are the real Wonder Women!
Thank you Moms #2 - For educating your kids to differentiate between right and wrong, healthy and well-being values shared with lessons from your life Experience.
Thank you Moms #3 - For all the things you do day and night, that your kids may only appreciate when they become parents.

Today, we at Gululu want to thank you, for teaching your kids healthy life habits - how to eat healthy, drink healthy and play healthy.    
We Salute you!
Happy Women's Day!

Team Gululu

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