01 Sep 7 Tips That Teach Your Kids to Help Around The House and Have Fun Doing It!

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Labor Day is coming up quick, so here are some quick tips on how you can teach your kids to help around the house and have fun doing it! Labor Day is all about the hard work of Americans in our past and your children can join in too by learning how to be responsible and how to help out the family on this special day. Household cleaning, yard work, laundry, taking out the trash and so many others are chores you can choose for your kids.

Here are some tips so that your kids too can work hard and want to participate in Labor Day this year:

  1. A chore, AND a pleasure! Treat chores as a pleasure verses a punishment. If your kids begin to associate being in trouble with doing something productive, they won’t want to voluntarily contribute to all the things that Labor Day is all about!
  2. Keep time! There is nothing more motivating than a count down clock to get kids moving. They love to be timed! Give your kids a chore and time them to see how long it takes, this can even continue on to the future where your children can try to beat their time each different turn that they do the chore. If you have multiple children, or want to challenge your kids to a cleanup contest yourself, you can make a game out of who can complete the tasks the quickest!
  3. Make a chore chart! You don’t always need money to motivate your kids, and even stickers on a board can give them a sense of accomplishment! Write out chores on a piece of paper or some cardboard lying around the house with their names on an opposing axis and add stickers to the board once a chore is complete so that your children can equate more chores to more stickers which equals more fun!
  4. Keep challenging your kids! Start them off with a small and simple chore, and emphasize how you think they can do much bigger and much more! Not only does this let your littles feel like they are more grown up each day, but it also helps you with your work as well!
  5. Add music to the mix! Keeping kids on beat, or distracting them with their favorite song makes doing chores last so much longer before your kids get bored! If you want them to work through a specific job or just for a certain amount of time, this is a good way to add entertainment to work for days even after Labor Day.
  6. Teach your child responsibility! Teach your kids that being responsible and helping out, on all days of the year, is all a part of growing up. Steps to being a big girl or a big boy are all about being able to do things on your own and one of these things is to be able to keep their spaces clean!
  7. Keep them hydrated and helping! By staying hydrated throughout the day kids will have the energy to keep working hard!

Labor Day is a great chance to teach responsibility in and around the home, not matter what age your littles are! We hope these tips will help you out and a Happy Labor Day from Team Gululu!





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