14 Jul Keep Your Kids Hydrated In The Hot Summer Heat

Posted at 2:43 a.m. in Health & Wellness by asi

article-0714-1 As the weather gets warmer and the temperature gets hotter, it becomes even more important to make sure that the kids stay healthy in the summer. Summertime is a great time for the children to go out and play, but we need to make sure that they are doing it the safe way. Safe, in this sense, means to stay hydrated and lathered up with the proper amounts of water and sunscreen. Heat exhaustion and dehydration are serious dangers in the hot summer heat, but they can easily be avoided too! Parents, make sure that your little ones are continuously drinking water throughout the day. Just drinking a glass of water before an outside activity won’t completely keep your kids hydrated and in fact, will not go a very long way as they are running around sweating it all out. We often remember to put on sunscreen because we can quickly see the affect if we don’t, but making sure hydration is happening throughout the day is just as important! Keep your kids happy, healthy, and hydrated this summer, all you need is water! article-0714-2 We’re happy Gululu can help! This summer, use a Gululu bottle to make sure your kids get the perfect amount of water! It personalizes your child’s hydration plan by inputting their data such as age and weight to make sure that they get hydrated and stay hydrated. To make this bottle even more available, we have just recently launched a campaign here on Indiegogo so that summer hydration won’t be a difficult problem to tackle. With this new launch we also have new Indiegogo InDemand gift for each Indiegogo rewards package purchase. These gifts will be exclusively offered to Indiegogo backers: a set of Gululu stickers to come with each bottle! These special perks are all fun ways to make drinking water an easily formed habit for kids at just the right season when they really need it.

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