14 Oct How Using Your Imagination Helps!

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While the advancement of technology today is a great way to expand the creativity in a child’s mind, there are also everyday objects and activities that can do just the same trick for you and your kids! We may have grown up in a time where cardboard boxes and forts out of pillows and sheets were the best form of entertainment and imagination, but why does that have to be left in the past? Let’s bring the play times of our past to the present and show the little how to have fun the old fashioned way.

Imagination is all about making something extraordinary and fun out of something that is just plain ordinary. The world is made of so many simple delights and imagination is the practice of changing them into something much more than they are!

Here are a few games that your family can play to extend the fun throughout the fall days!
1. The floor is lava! A staple game in which all you need are some cushions, pillows, tables, or chairs. Anything that isn’t the hardwood or carpet flooring is the ultimate obstacle course for your kids to challenge themselves through! This imaginative exercise helps kids develop decision making skills, problem solving, and goal setting too!

2.Make a whole universe under the in-home fort that you create together. Bed sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows or whatever else that is on hand can change the atmosphere and can help kids be their own little architects. Creativity can grow with your kid’s imagination as they make a little escape within their safe space!

3. Don’t stop at the cardboard box! No matter size-small to giant, the cardboard box is much more than it seems. It once held tangible objects coming in, but now it will make way to intangible memories and experiences.

With your imagination you and your kids can travel anywhere, do anything, or be anyone. Obstacles will no longer stop the fun, they’ll just allow for more imaginative ways to discover along the way!

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