07 Nov How to prepare your family for Thanksgiving?

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How do you prepare with your family for the time in the year, where we get to talk about and remember the things that we are most grateful for?

There are so many things to be doing during the holidays, but Thanksgiving specifically is best achieved by making a to-do list on how to get prepared for the many guests and good times that you are soon to have.
Here is our 5 piece homemade to-do list on how to have the greatest time with all that may help to make your memories even more unforgettable:

TO DO's:


- Get the shopping done early! 

Food shopping is a must to prepare for this holiday centered around that very necessary ingredient. But, this doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, bring the kids along and make it a fun time to all be together, getting the foods that will be gracing your whole table on Thanksgiving day! 

-Decorating the house, happens inside and out! 

Thanksgiving is all about showing those you love that you are thankful for them, and you can also show your house the same thing! Add some fall or Thanksgiving inspired decorations around the house. These can be handmade hand-turkeys from the kids, fall vegetables on display, or even giving your home its own fall-cleaning by raking leaves and straightening up the inside too!

-Bring traditions back, but also bring on the new!

Keep the classics, whatever that is for your family: turkey, stuffing, hot apple cider, cranberry jello, anything! Continue on those traditions, but don’t be afraid to bring in new traditions to mix things up. This can be a pajama walk around the neighborhood, name card decorating for the Thanksgiving dinner table, or try mixing up the menu a bit as well! 

-Food prep isn’t just for the adults!

Help your kids get their hands dirty in the kitchen with you by teaching them how to make the foods you have all enjoyed together for years! The process might take a little longer, but this is just because there is more time and space for memories to be made. Make sure the kiddos have adult supervision to keep themselves safe and true to the recipe, but also be ready for a whole lot of fun to be mixed in now! 

-Take your time for rest and for learning!

You may be able to keep yourself busy the entire holiday, but make sure to allot time to spend all together just resting in each other’s presence all in one room! Catch up on all the details of your kids’ lives that you may have missed during the school weeks, this is the perfect time to be still and just keep your ears open!

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Team Gululu 

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