24 Jan How to Overcome Winter Dehydration?

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Winter brings the chill, sometimes brings the snow, but also brings dehydration!

Just because the heat is gone doesn’t mean the chance of dehydration has left as well so it is just as important to keep water nearby now than ever!

How do you keep these dangers away? Look at these super helpful 1,2,3 steps to stay away from dehydration!


1. Start and end the day with a glass of water
Think about it, while you are drinking water throughout the day, you are preparing your body in this way! If you drink a glass of water right as you get out of bed, you are already jumpstarting your hydration process for the day. While it’s still very important to drink throughout the day, this is a good place to start! Also, think about right before bed, After you and your children have used the bathroom, grab a glass of water and fill yourself up because while you are sleeping for about 8 hours, you aren’t getting an hydration with your rest! Grab some rest and hydration, all while you sleep!

2. Put water next to every meal 
A lot of the time the reason why we don’t drink water is because we don’t see the water, or the water is not right beside us whenever our body tells us it is time to drink, but this fixes the problem! Having water with you at every meal, no matter what it is, is a good way to help the food flow down, but also make sure that you are hydrating. Drinking water during a meal also helps satisfy cravings! No matter what you are feasting on in this season, make your choice of drink that thing that we all love - water!


3. Include water in every meal 
In a season of sweets and salts, take a break and take a glass of water instead! The cookies, cakes, snacks and treats that have filled your bellies over this winter break have to be replaced by water because your body can’t handle this much indulgence without some good old H2O! But don’t worry, if you’re still hungry all you need to do is find fruits and other hydrating foods to add to your meals along the way. Including water in every meal can look different on many different plates so find the way that is best for you! 


Keep us updated on how you and your family hydrate during winter! We can’t wait to hear it!



Team Gululu 


Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash

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