29 Jun Gululu Introduces a New Layer To Its Game: Planet Ima’s “Wonder Woods”!

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Shortly after our 3D game release, a new layer of the game is out! Hot on the heels is the next “layer” on planet Ima… Wonder Woods! All your child has to do to get there… is drink water from his / her Gululu bottle! Read all about it and how it benefits your kids here! First: What is Ima? Ima is the home planet of our Gululus. It is a water-based planet made up of many layers.  Each layer has its own climate, characteristics and special creatures (like the different regions on our own planet!) The first layer of Ima is called “Ocean Brim”, followed by “Wonder Woods”… As you drink more water, you will help your Gululu pass through each of these layers, to eventually save the Grand Dream Guardian in the center! What’s new in Wonder Woods?

  • A whole new world for kids to explore - New backgrounds, new areas…
  • NEW forest-themed Accessories
  • And of course… more cute and courageous creatures called “nims” for you to discover!  A sneak peek of who you’ll meet…
    • The “Peek-a-boo” crocodile
    • The “Cheese-bees”
    • The “Rolling Cactuses”

The adorable characters and vibrant colors of Wonder Woods make us all eager to explore it more!

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How to get to Wonder Woods?

  • Please ensure to keep your bottle in its doc for a whole night (without picking it up in between) to allow for the Wonder Woods update to download!
  • Once you reached the top of “Ocean Brim” map (i.e. 210m mark), your Gululu will get into its completed submarine and get ready to go into the next layer of Ima (i.e. “Wonder Woods”)
  • see the below directions on your bottle: Swipe (LEFT) upwards to continue
  • You will be asked whether you want to enter the “Wonder Woods” map.  Use the touch sensors on the side of the bottle to select “Yes” or “No”.
  • Press the button on your bottle to confirm

You can also choose to replay the “Ocean Brim” map and uncover more “nims” along the way! Here’s how:

  • When you see “Select Map” on your bottle, swipe DOWN to select the “Ocean Brim” map.
  • You will be asked to confirm “Enter Ocean Brim” map.  Swipe up or down to select “Yes” or “No”
  • Press the button on your bottle to confirm.

Other Updates: Some on-going improvements we’ve made to the overall bottle experience…

  • Improved water intake measurement
  • Upgrading and updating game content easier
  • Full sound effects released (i.e. all the sounds are added back onto the game)

Upcoming New Features: 

  • Child’s Ranking System on the cup (so kids can see how they and their friends are doing, directly on their bottle - not just through parents APP)
  • Virtual exchange system - so your hard-earned rubies can be used to collect and swap for different things!

We at team Gululu are dedicated to enable "education through play" and are constantly working on getting the game and the Gululu bottle improved, fun and safe! For more Gululu Universe and in-bottle game instructions, please visit: www.mygululu.com/support   Feel free

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