24 May Gululu introduces a new interactive water bottle, "Gululu Go"!

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Today is an extraordinary day for us at Gululu—that fantastic rush of bringing a new child into the world is exactly how we feel about our brand new interactive water bottle, “Gululu Go”!

The stars must be aligned, because exactly two years ago, May 24, 2016, we launched our first Gululu bottle on Kickstarter. 


The journey of bringing to life such an innovative product—the first of its kind in the world—is challenging, exciting, and scary at times. With great efforts, we fully devoted ourselves to making this bottle a reality and took many personal risks along the way, knowing that we are serving a greater purpose.  


For the past two years since our first Gululu launch, we have made three full iterations to the Gululu bottle, released over 15 versions of the Gululu game and app, and gained over 40,000 Gululu innovative users from across 70+ countries.


We have learned so much from our tens of thousands of users around the world on so many levels—from the mom of a child living with autism who didn't want to drink water before she had Gululu, to the kid who wouldn't leave his Gululu pet alone all day and even all night—feedback from parents and teachers has been absolutely invaluable to us. 


We have taken all that we have learned to bring you this new “Gululu Go” bottle.


Gululu Go’s Special Features


The new addition to the Gululu family is smaller, lighter, with a special latch, making it easy to carry around. Most significantly, “Gululu Go” features a sound speaker, which allows the Gululu pets to talk to children for the first time, using over 200 phrases and different voices for the individual pet characters. The bottle is made from high-quality, BPA-free material, and it’s purposefully designed with a strong emphasis on having a great user experience, both for your kids and for you.


And, of course, we at Gululu adhere to the highest possible standards. Our “Gululu Go” bottles comply with the federal "children's online privacy protection act" (COPPA), and our continued partnership with Generosity.org means that a portion of every “Gululu Go” bottle purchase goes directly into building water wells for children in developing countries.


Give your child  the gift of habit 


We invite you to join the celebrations and share the new bottle with your loved ones. Consider giving them a gift that is healthy, educational, and fun! And now, for a limited time, we would like to offer you a 35% discount. Just click here.


Thank you for being on this journey with us—we are honored to be able to support healthy hydration habits for children around the world, and we are thrilled to partner with you on this important mission!


Much Gulu-Love,

The Gululu Family :) 

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