25 May Gululu: An Interactive Water Bottle That Helps Kids Stay Hydrated

Posted at 12:07 a.m. in Gululu's Story by asi


Drinking enough water is the most important thing for you and your child’s health. At Gululu, we believe that staying hydrated should be fun and easy! This is the vision behind our Gululu Interactive Bottle: to make hydration a joyful adventure for your whole family!

Imagine a Tamagotchi-like interactive water bottle for children (and playful adults) that helps them stay hydrated. As kids drink water from the bottle, their virtual pet thrives and makes friends. It's a great way for children to stay healthy while having fun. That’s Gululu in a nutshell

And yes, we’re NOW live on Kickstarter, with Early Bird prices and all five colors that you don't want to miss out! Back us here and keep your kids (and yourself) hydrated!

Let’s make a splash!

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