06 Oct Fun Hydration Tips for Fall - This is how you do it and enjoy every minute!

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The season has changed to Autumn, but something that wont change is the amount of water your children need to make sure they don’t fall into habits of dehydration!  Your little ones may not be running around in the hot summer sun anymore, but they are still working hard both in and outside of the classroom! Brainpower is fed by waterpower, so it’s more important now than ever to get your kids practicing healthy eating and drinking habits.


Look below for a list of the five fast ways to fight dehydration in the fall!


1.    Have an orange party!


What color do you think of when we say fall? Orange! Good news is that there are a ton of veggies full of water and nutrition to eat. Baby carrots are a quick treat to put in the lunch boxes or after school snacks to keep your kids healthy and hydrated!


2.    Festive and fun straws


Look out in your local grocery store for some super silly straws to stick in a plain old glass of water to making sipping fun! Your little ones will enjoy watching the water swirl through their straws and into their mouths.


3.    Switch plain old potato for something sweet in your oven!


Give a sweet potato fry a try! A great way to introduce a new vegetable in a variety of different ways! Add some brown sugar or marshmallows on top of your fries for a new type of nacho or sprinkle with salt for a contrast of flavors!


4.    Sprinkle a little bit of apple cider into your hot water and sit by a fire!


Appreciate the season with a little bit of seasoning in your water! Make a campfire with the family and sit along fireside with a nice warm cup of flavored water. Be sure to make sure the water wont burn your little one’s tongues by testing it first!   


5.    Rake up the leaves and rake up an appetite!


Turn cleaning up the backyard into preparing your children’s stomach for a feast! Get everyone’s appetites all worked up by having them run around the yard, putting all the leaves into a pile and then welcome your kiddos inside to a feast!

And of course... with Gululu interactive bottle  you can keep hydrated with your pet companion!


Let us a know a tip we may have missed in the comments and show us how you keep your family hydrated and healthy with the changing of the seasons!




Team Gululu

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