Gululu is now available at "b8ta" a physical store chain for tech gadgets
Gululu team is extremely excited to announce that our interactive bottle is now available at the gadget store chain b8ta  at the Santa Monica and Seattle locations! Following our in-demand indiegogo online store and right before Gululu’s Amazon launch, due in January 2017.b8ta, is a new kind of retail store that sells trendy tech gadgets. It's designed to improve the customer and maker experience and helps people discover, try, and learn about new tech products while empowering makers with a simple retail-as-a-service model that puts them in control.B8ta’s goal is to get innovative products like the Gi Flybike, a folding electric bicycle, and Thync, a wearable for achieving mindfulness and boosting energy, and now Gululu, into physical stores and enable people to have real, tactile experiences with them!Gululu’s bottle combined with a Tamagochi-like smart toy that keeps kids hydrated and healthy is excited to stand next to the world's’ top gadgets in the b8ta stores.We invite you to come and meet our pets from the Gululu Universe Ninji, Purpie and Sansa at the b8ta stores.Gululu is available in the following b8ta Storesb8ta Store Santa Monica - 395 Santa Monica Place, Level Two, Santa Monica, CA 90401b8ta Store Seattle- 2616 NE 46th Street, Seattle, WA 98105  
10 Things To Do With Your Kids Before Christmas
There is something in the air in December, no doubt about it: The cool weather and snow, puffy coats and warm clothes, end-of the year feeling, and Christmas lights all around! This time of the year reminds us about love, togetherness and giving. In order to increase the fun during this magical time of the year, we have gathered 10 family activities to do in December:1. Go out and look at Christmas lights together - Take your kids to explore the town's’ beautiful lights and decorated houses! Surely you’ll enjoy the creativity out there!2. Put up your Christmas tree - pick your Christmas tree together and put it up! Decorate your tree with home made installments3.Sing Christmas songs together - what was your favorite Christmas song as a kid? What is your kids’ favorite Christmas song? Sing along and light up your hearts with fun Christmas songs4. Wrap gifts - Buy your favorite colorful wraps and ribbons, get tape, scissors and you are ready to  wrap your gifts together!5. Watch a holiday movie together - there are so many of them!6. Holiday Cards - make cards for your family, friends and teachers. Address and mail them!7. Eat candies! - Go to the nearest candy store for a holiday treat! Get all those yummy candy canes!8. Christmas Stockings- Hang stockings on the mantle or banister - together9. Make winter tea - use your favorite recipe to make sweet tea for the cold winter evenings. Our recommended recipe: In a saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add tea bags, stevia, honey or your favorite sweetener, and then add vanilla. Season with pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice.10. Selfies - Take photos off all those fun activities together! Print the best ones and place them in your living room, playroom or other preferred place - to keep those fun memories with you!
Ways to spread kindness together, on Thanksgiving
“Thanksgiving” means many things to different people but for most, the holiday of Thanksgiving is about festive meals, parades, football, family and friends, and, of course… turkey! For many, it's also about spending time together as a family, catching up and enjoying each other's company.The essence of the Thanksgiving holiday is so beautiful - it’s a reminder to give thanks for the good things we have, people and providential events in our lives. This holiday is a chance for many families to spend quality time together - which makes it a great time to encourage your kids to reflect on the love and kindness that you have for one another, as well as sharing your thoughts about what you feel grateful for!Our Gululu team wanted to share a few ways to spread kindness and gratitude around Thanksgiving time;Play the A to Z family gratitude gameHave everyone sit together so that they can hear and see one another. Going around the group of family and friends, have each person say what they're grateful for, according the whichever letter of the alphabet the player is up to. For example, player one says "I am grateful for Aunt Melissa", player two says "I am grateful for Boney my best friend", and player three says "I am grateful for my Caring mom", etc. Keep going around the group until you've completed the alphabet. This can be an exciting and memorable time spent together! Run a Bake SaleInitiate this fun fundraiser activity together with your kids - bake goods together like cupcakes, donuts and cookies, and donate the funds to a greater cause, charity, organisation, or a shelter nearby.VolunteerTogether with your kid, contribute to the less fortunate and volunteer to help prepare meals at a homeless shelter, donate extra cans and packaged goods to a soup kitchen, make a donation. This can be an essential part of teaching your children about gratitude by taking action.Give Anonymously This one is going to be so much fun - Go out on a “kindness spreading spree” without asking for anything in return. Anonymously give little gifts to others. Leave “love notes” on people's cars, candies on the front door of a total stranger. You won’t get to see how they react but can imagine together how you made them feel. You probably made someone else's’ day so much sweeter!From all of us at Gululu, we are sending our gratitude to you, with a lot of Gululu-Love! 
Surprise news, fun for you and the family!
Team Gululu has some exciting news, but first we want to send you a big thank you. Throughout this long journey you have all been by our side and we want you to know how special that is to Team Gululu. We have all come together and now you and your kids will get the Interactive Water Bottles that you backed for us on Kickstarter! We are very happy to announce that the Gululu pets are on their way to you, starting this month!  We kept our Gululu word, as promised when we went to KickStarter.   Your Gululu bottles are ready for shipping and are being sent out batch by batch as you read this, and here’s some inside information about manufacturing we’d like to share with you. Since we only have one set of moulds, we need to manufacture one color after another carefully, and every change of the color would require us several days to one week to clean the mould and reconfigure the whole manufacturing process. As a startup with limited resources, I think we were bold enough to make 5 colors (even Apple didn’t do this in its early days) while we still want to make sure we live up to the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.  The first colors coming out will be… BLUE, PINK and PURPLE! Only for those who ordered the non plus packages. And for the rest of you who ordered plus packages or the colors YELLOW and GREEN please be patient, we are working hard to send out the next batches as soon as possible!  We would not say our 1st version of Gululu would be perfect, but if Gululu will take a life of its own to become better and serve more wellness purposes, you are one of the first few thousand innovative users to join us to bring Gululu to the world. And that means a great deal to us. Each Gululu package includes many things for family fun! You will receive your Gululu bottle, a wireless charger, a USB cable, and a Gululu Story Booklet too! To start using your Gululu right away, open the package and begin with the fun! First, download the Gululu app! Next, connect your Gululu bottle to the app and choose a pet to begin, or you can start experiencing Gululu and connect the app later. While we continue to produce more Gululu bottles to fulfil the demand of our current customers, we’d also like you to know that we are also gradually expanding our Gululu Universe. You probably noticed that we have used our 3D assets of the animated pet characters in our marketing materials, and we are building more 3D animations for future game upgrades. We are also very fortunate to have one music artist/composer signed under Warner Music who is writing songs for Gululu. We’ll update you about more Gululu developments when the stories continue to unfold.   We can’t wait to see Gululu in your homes, so snap us a picture of you unboxing your Gululu bottles, post it on social media #mygululu and we will share them.  Love team Gululu :)   
Sharing is caring! Share the Gululove and get a special e-gift!
  We have some exciting news from Team Gululu! Today we are announcing a new sharing event that ends in a super fun and cute Gululu gift! Share our Indiegogo page and get our special gift: some Gululu coloring pages! The coloring pages will be a brand new and exclusive way to create your own Gululu Universe and will also feature a selection of unique images that have never been seen before! Coloring opens up the imagination of children to a whole other world of many opportunities and adventures. Let your family see what magic can happen with paper designs and some color! We want more and more people to be a part of the Gululu Universe and to get to know the Gululu pets!    In order to share and get your free coloring pages, click on the buttons below:       Don't forget to share your coloring work to Instagram and Facebook and tag and @mygululu!   
Our Family's First Week With Gululu — Off To A Gululu Start!
Gululu is traveling all around the world and has found its way into the homes and hearts of several pilot users and their families. Here is a personal message and some great feedback we received from Sarah, a mother of two that we are excited to share with you. Let’s take a sneak peek! My family first entered the Gululu Universe just 1 week ago (note: this article was written on June 28th) and we have been delighted beyond our expectations ever since! First, a little about us: We are an American family of four?—?me, my husband, and my two daughters, ages 10 and 12. We are based in the Bay Area, California but we travel for long periods of time for our jobs. Most recently, we spent a few years as in Shanghai, China, and in the fall we will be based near Boston. We consider ourselves to be health-conscious, as we eat low-sugar and low-cholesterol diets, and we all have our own daily exercise routines that consist of mostly running, dancing, hiking, and frolicking on playgrounds. Despite our high levels of activity, three out of four of us are camels?—?we rarely drink water (or any beverage, for that matter)! I have known this about my two daughters and myself for a while, but I did not realize the extent of it until we started using Gululu. We have all increased our water intake significantly in the past week, and have noticed some great results. Here’s an in-depth look at our successful journey: ?Day 1?— My daughters received Gululu bottles and we were all impressed and charmed by the adorable packaging…and even further charmed by the story of the Gululu Universe… …but the bottle itself was the coolest part! We quickly set up the bottles on the home Wifi network, synched them with the mobile app, and the girls chose their Gululu Universe virtual pets. S chose Sansa, and N chose Purpie. We washed the bottles, filled them with water, and the girls began drinking! Inspired by their enthusiasm, I also filled up a glass of water and took a few swigs. We are all on our way to better health! Day 2 —?The girls woke up and reached for their Gululus right away. They realized that they had not friended each other yet, so they quickly set about this by shaking their bottles until Purpee jumped into Sansa’s universe. Now that they are Gululu friends, their habit scores are displayed on the app together. It didn’t take long before my competitive older one remarked to the non-competitive younger one that she is already winning the Gululu game (I’m very thankful for their opposite personalities, lest that remark would have turned into a squabble!). I take another few gulps from my relatively boring glass. Days 3 & 4?—?I have noticed that they have formed an attachment to their Gululus beyond what they have in the past with other water bottles IN A GOOD WAY! They actually care about where their water bottles are, versus in the past they would rely on me to make sure that they had them nearby. It’s definitely a relief to me that they are actively keeping track of their bottles, and drinking from them, on their own! Day 5?— We had a full day of activity and went to a family dinner party in the evening. Normally, my younger one does not like to leave the house past 8:00 pm or once night falls, as she gets very sleepy. However, this night I did not hear a single complaint about her being tired, and she partied with her friends all the way until 10pm. She even walked the kilometer home with us, feeling ready for bed but not depleted. We both noticed the difference, and she was the one to point out that maybe it was because she was drinking more water. Hmmm…maybe Gululu is already having a significantly positive effect on my littlest camel! We arrived home and everyone had a few sips of water from their chosen dispensers before we hit the hay for a much-needed rest. Day 6?—?I notice that my two daughters are both really into their Gululus and are reaching their daily hydration goals more quickly than before, but they are motivated in two different ways. My older one is data driven, and loves to see the hard facts of her water consumption, whereas the younger one is more motivated to see her pet’s reaction when she drinks. I realize that there is so much potential for software evolution to continually motivate the kids and am looking forward to the automatic updates. Day 7?—?We plan a playdate with two other Gululu Pilot Users and the kids were thrilled to compare their pets and hydration stats. They spent most of their time making up funny stories about their pets and their unique adventures through the Gululu Universe. It seems that Gululu not only inspires healthy hydration, but also imagination! Summary?—?Overall, I expected that my kids would drink more water with Gululu and that they would have fun doing it, but I did not expect that I would also drink more water (from my boring glass), and that I would feel more energetic than usual. Not only this, however, I did not expect the independence and imagination that Gululu inspired in my kids. That’s something that any parent can raise a glass (of water) and drink to!
Pilot Users Explores The Gululu Universe With Gululu Pets
We’re excited to announce the pilot user program is under way! We currently have Gululu bottle pilot users in North America, Asia, and Europe! We have received many helpful and supportive feedback comments and insights from parents and children who have their hands on the Gululu bottle themselves. Their fantastic suggestions have definitely helped Gululu to make a big move forward and are helping us constantly find new ways to expand the Gululu Universe! Team Gululu is currently running the most critical reliability test to improve the Gululu App in different mobile systems and are carefully considering a new game design and product accessories. Our goal is to promote wellness and find a balance that makes the Gululu bottle interesting but also that prevents children from over-engaging. We keep refining the product details and are continuing to think creatively and practically. The manufacturing has entered the last stage and we are almost ready to mass-produce! We have streamlined our standard operation procedure and assembly lines to ensure that the highest quality bottles can come to awaiting families right on time. Gululu can’t wait to meet you! Here are some families that the Gululu pets have already visited: “I wanted to tell you that my son loves his bottle. He won’t let it out of his sight! He loves ninji and the sword makes him laugh so loudly. This is like his companion now. I don’t know how long it will last, but I’m super excited he’s drinking water without a fight! I am so happy I was able to see how beautiful and cool it is, up close and personal. Thank you for sending the sample for me to review and for him to enjoy.” “Thought you all might enjoy some photos of the Gululu on the school playground. It was quite the hit with the 2nd grade crew!!” Gululu has experienced a great amount of success in the pilot program and the Gululu pets are excited to visit many more schools, homes, and families!
Did You Win A Gululu Bottle?
Today is a joyful day for Gululu! Why? Because today we get more chances to fulfill our mission: to spread happiness and wellbeing to children and families around the world. What a privilege!   Without further ado, the winner of our grand prize of five Gululu Interactive Bottles is~   Becky.fxxxxxr   But we are not stopping there!! So many fans (from kids to grandparents) are excited about the Gululu Interactive Bottle that we want to award three more lucky winners the experience of the world's coolest water bottle. Congratulations to~   Megzxxxxx2 sheethaljxxxxx0 Ellatestxxxxx3   You guys are the lucky recipients of one free water bottle in the color of your choice, and also a special addition Gululu Universe storybook!
A Water Bottle That Packs A Punch
A Gululu fan is amazed by the cool technologies and the contents inside the bottle. She said: “Gululu is a revolutionary water bottle, something I have never seen before. Offers more than most of the wearable gadgets out there, and at the same price range or lower. Gululu can teach kids a healthy habit, that's not something money can buy.” So much more than an ordinary water bottle, the value of Gululu is both short term and long term. Immediately, Gululu maximizes the wellbeing of your child through optimal hydration. Long term, it builds lasting healthy habits through proven methods of gamified interaction with digital pets. According to early users at tech magazine Android Central, “As crazy and as complicated as this bottle sounds, it works… by the end of the first week there was a noticeable increase in how much water [our daughter] was drinking, and a lot of it had to do with wanting to interact with the pet on her bottle. She doesn’t go anywhere without her bottle now, and is constantly aware of how much water is left in the bottle.” Android Central hits two important facts. First, the bottle is complicated, not to use but certainly to develop. Teams of experts and scientists, careful research and development, and the most sophisticated theories of learning and childhood psychology all factored into its concept and creation. This segues to the next point that Android Central recognized. Gululu works. It will bring your child better health through hydration. And it will bring these benefits not through strain but through joyful connection with whimsical pets in the Gululu Universe. When we make decisions for what to give to our children, we consider many things: how will this affect my child? Will this make our lives healthier? Easier? Happier? The reason we believe so strongly that the Gululu Bottle is a great choice for your family is because it brings the joy of an exciting, high-quality toy, and the health benefits of nothing yet on the market. We sincerely hope you take the opportunity to experience this for yourself!
The Gululu Universe Welcomes Three Pet Profiles
Your Family Is Invited…to an Underwater World of Adventure Every great story has a great beginning, and the story of the Gululu Universe is certainly among the greatest. No one, save for a select few, know exactly how the Gululu Universe began. Likewise, no one, save for these same select few, know how Sansa flares stars out of her star wand, how Ninja mastered a ninjakan sword, or how Purpee found a magic fish-eating bag. We want to share our secrets! Get to know us and explore Gululu! But the pets are eager to get to know you, and they want to share some of their secrets! In honor of new beginnings, the Gululu pets will share a little about themselves to help you get a glimpse into the Gululu Universe. Welcome to the beginning of a long and wondrous adventure. Noble Ninja Look out, swashbucklers, Ninja is my name and sword swishing is my game! Vavish! Hazah! Wowoosh! When I am not being the savior of the Universe, I like to explore secret caves and discover new species of sea creatures. I am an adventurer!   Playful Purpie Gnawm gnawm gnawm! When I’m not munching on snacks from my magic bag, I love to bounce along the seafloor, searching for treasures I’ll stash in my snackbag. Mmm… exploring is so much more fun with snacks!   Sparkly Sansa Shiny shells! Sparkly sand! Glittering gems! The glowing waters and treasures within all add to the magic of my sparkle wand. Have you ever dreamed of what it would feel like to be a shooting star? Trinka-tra-loo! I think I can help with that! There’s nothing I can’t do with my wand in my hand.   Other Secrets? Only a few know how Sansa, Purpee and Ninja, got their magical powers, or became friends. What everyone does know, however, is that now that they’re here, nothing can stop them! Or this is what they thought… until Bezza exploded. Uh oh! We can’t tell you anymore here, but stay tuned as the adventure unfolds. The best storybook beginnings. Well, second best. After Gululu! :) Check out some of the great beginnings of other children’s books throughout history. Not quite as awesome as Gululu, but pretty close!
Gululu: An Interactive Water Bottle That Helps Kids Stay Hydrated
Drinking enough water is the most important thing for you and your child’s health. At Gululu, we believe that staying hydrated should be fun and easy! This is the vision behind our Gululu Interactive Bottle: to make hydration a joyful adventure for your whole family! Imagine a Tamagotchi-like interactive water bottle for children (and playful adults) that helps them stay hydrated. As kids drink water from the bottle, their virtual pet thrives and makes friends. It's a great way for children to stay healthy while having fun. That’s Gululu in a nutshell And yes, we’re NOW live on Kickstarter, with Early Bird prices and all five colors that you don't want to miss out! Back us here and keep your kids (and yourself) hydrated! Let’s make a splash!