02 Sep Back to School with Gululu!

Posted at 10:14 a.m. by Asi Meskin

Back at school!

This summer our kids had a blast, while us parents ensured they are well entertained, took them on vacation, and of course took care of their water drinking intake.

This summer Gululu was widely featured by parents and in the media as the go to product that will help your kids acquire the habit of water drinking - and love it!

Grateful as we are, we would like to share some of the wonderful moms and publications that recommended Gululu as the Back to School product.


Daily Mom featured Gululu at Organized Uniformed and ready for Kindergarten:
“My daughter thinks of Gululu like her own personal video game since she has the ability to “level up” as she drinks more water and wins collectibles and rewards, and explores new stories. While cool, I’m more excited that it’s helping her develop a healthy

Parent Guide News presenting Back to School Tech:
“Gululu is the world’s first 3D interactive water bottle – perfect for those fresh, new backpacks or lunchboxes kids will be sporting!”

The Huffington Post included Gululu in its Bacl to School Technology article:
”This is one of the coolest new gadgets I’ve seen. Gululu uses technology to turn drinking water into a fun game for kids – and thus keeps them hydrated.”

Video Review by Rob at  Alternative Mindz :You can’t ignore the kids excitment as he is unpacking his new Blue Gululu Bottle!

US Weekly also featured Gululu for all of you parents.


We wish your kids an easy, educational, fun and hydrated year!


Team Gululu

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