13 May An open letter to Mothers – This day is all about celebrating everything you do!

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Mother's Day is a day we cherish here at Gululu – we admire you mothers out there for all that you do and provide to your families while turning children into independent grownups. That is surely not an easy task… more like a life’s mission!

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On this day, we want you to really think hard about how Mother's Day makes you feel;


What memories does it bring along?
Is it a vision of your joyful childhood? Do you see fun moments with your mom? Do you remember things she taught you, or advice she gave you? Small things that make you both laugh? Secrets only you both shared? or how warm and loving her hug is?


What Smell comes to mind?
Is it your favorite childhood dish, or the dessert she taught you how to make? Maybe it’s her eternal perfume, with a smell that is only kept for her.


How similar are you to your mom?
Do you talk to your kids the same way she did to you when you were young? Do you teach your kids the same values she taught you? Baking them the same cakes you had at home? Do you hear her voice in your head giving you advice?

It's interesting to reflect and realize what traits, values or words we took from our moms into our grownup lives. It’s exciting to cherish the impact that our moms had on us, and understand that we impact our kids and partners similarly!!


Watch this special and touching video we made for you, moms!

What would you like to give yourself the most today?

On this Mother's Day, we have a request for all of you moms:

Stop the busy routine for 1 hour - 60 minutes only! Go ahead and spoil yourself –
Take a warm bath with a glass of Champagne, go for a stroll in nature, head out shopping with friends,  go to that restaurant you’ve been wanting to for ages, visit your soul-friend for a heart to heart conversation…


Basically – take at least 1 hour to fill your heart with whatever fuels you with energy, love, and pride for who you are!

Remember- when you are happy and filled with energy, the whole family is happy!

You deserve it!


We wish you a happy, loving Mother's Day!

Sending our Gulu-Love,

Team Gululu

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