10 Jun A Water Bottle That Packs A Punch

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A Gululu fan is amazed by the cool technologies and the contents inside the bottle. She said: “Gululu is a revolutionary water bottle, something I have never seen before. Offers more than most of the wearable gadgets out there, and at the same price range or lower. Gululu can teach kids a healthy habit, that's not something money can buy.”

So much more than an ordinary water bottle, the value of Gululu is both short term and long term. Immediately, Gululu maximizes the wellbeing of your child through optimal hydration. Long term, it builds lasting healthy habits through proven methods of gamified interaction with digital pets. According to early users at tech magazine Android Central, “As crazy and as complicated as this bottle sounds, it works… by the end of the first week there was a noticeable increase in how much water [our daughter] was drinking, and a lot of it had to do with wanting to interact with the pet on her bottle. She doesn’t go anywhere without her bottle now, and is constantly aware of how much water is left in the bottle.”

Android Central hits two important facts. First, the bottle is complicated, not to use but certainly to develop. Teams of experts and scientists, careful research and development, and the most sophisticated theories of learning and childhood psychology all factored into its concept and creation. This segues to the next point that Android Central recognized. Gululu works. It will bring your child better health through hydration. And it will bring these benefits not through strain but through joyful connection with whimsical pets in the Gululu Universe.

When we make decisions for what to give to our children, we consider many things: how will this affect my child? Will this make our lives healthier? Easier? Happier? The reason we believe so strongly that the Gululu Bottle is a great choice for your family is because it brings the joy of an exciting, high-quality toy, and the health benefits of nothing yet on the market. We sincerely hope you take the opportunity to experience this for yourself!

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