10 Most Popular Questions You Ask About Gululu
Greetings Gululu Fans! It’s already been an amazing year for all of us at Gululu.  We’re proud to say our launch on Amazon Exclusive is a success! More kids than ever are learning healthy hydration habits, and- thanks to our partnership with Generosity.org- for every Gululu bottle sold you will be providing clean drinking water for life, to a child in a developing country.  At Gululu, caring is one of our core values, and with greater notoriety from Amazon Exclusive comes greater responsibility to serve our loyal fans and clients.   In our efforts to care, we’d like to share with you some common questions from Gululu users, as well as share some useful information. 1) Where can I buy a Gululu bottle? For people in America, it’s easy!  Just find Gululu on Amazon.com and make your order, or go to our website, mygululu.com, and shop to your heart’s content! For China, just go to mygululu.com, and all your Gululu dreams can come true! For all other countries leave your email here. 2) How do I reach Gululu customer care? This is a great question!  The best way for customers to contact us with problems or inquiries- or to share something you love about your Gululu- is to leave a personal message on our Facebook page, or contact our customer support team at customer-service@bowhead-tech.com; One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. Sometimes it might take a bit of time so please be paitient. 3) How do I set up the Gululu app? Setting up the Gululu app is easy! Just download the app from Google Play or the App store and follow the step-by-step instructions See videos here for Android / IOS. It’s fool proof!  But if you do experience any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us on Facebook, or send an email to our customer service address above. We’re always happy to help! 4) How do I charge the battery? The battery is internal, and is charged by simply placing the bottle in the wireless charging dock. A full charge will take about 3 hours, and should last for about two days of regular use and around four days on standby. 5) What is the best practice for longer battery life? Of course you can charge your Gululu bottle whenever you like, but just like your cell phone, the battery life will be extended when charged with a lower battery level.   6) How do I choose my kid’s favorite pet? Yay! You’ve gotten your Gululu and now it’s time to play! After you’ve downloaded the app, you can choose your pet while you set up the app for your child.  But remember, the pet your child chooses will need to be cared for to completion before being able to chose a new pet. This teaches kids a little follow through! 7) How do I join two Gululu bottles together? And the fun continues! Just take two bottles and shake them together at the same time - watch how it is being done here! You’ll see the animation of both virtual pets seem as if they’re looking for something- that means the bottles are entering the friend-searching mode! It usually takes about ten second for the bottles to find each other and make lifelong friends! If for some reason this doesn’t work try turning off both bottles, restarting them, and then perform the sequence again.  Remember, customer service is always available to help with any problems. 8) How do I bond with my kids by using Gululu? You can bond with your kids by offering your own rewards for them.  You can see how your kids are doing while you’re at the office, on the bus, or at home. Setting the bottle to school mode or sleep mode is another way parents have a connection to their kids through Gululu. Because all data is uploaded to the cloud, you can have peace of mind anytime knowing your kids are adequately hydrated. Gululu also makes a great conversation topic for kids to talk about around the dinner table! 9) Is the bottle easy to break? Gululu was designed for kids! So, you can rest assured that with Gululu’s duo-layered protection and ultra durable shock absorption, you are getting a bottle that can take anything you’re kids can throw at it! Unless, of course, they use hammers- Gululu’s are not hammer-proof:-) And remember, be careful not to put your Gululu in the dishwasher, freezer, or microwave as this could cause permanent damage.  Just a simple wash with soap and water is best for cleaning. 10) Is there any auto-update for the bottle? Yes! At Gululu we are constantly upgrading our app. Turn on the bottle make sure it's connected to your wifi and place it in the charging dock, the bottle will update automatically. Spread across four continents, the team members of Gululu are always happy to help!  If you have any other questions about purchasing a Gululu bottle, or have a question about something we haven’t mentioned here, please check out our FAQ section on our site.  There’s really a ton of great information there! We at Gululu thank you for being a part of our mission to bring hydration health to kids around the world, and hope you are all having an amazing new year! Wishing you health and happiness, Much love from Team Gululu  
Developing Your Kids’ “Generosity Muscle”
To celebrate Gululu’s partnership with Generosity.org, we at Team Gululu want to keep sharing the love by suggesting different ways to teach your bundles of joy about generosity. To recap, Gululu was invited by Amazon Exclusive to launch our product on their prestigious platform for the U.S. audience. To increase the launch and our value, we decided to team up with Generosity.org. For every Gululu bottle sold, they will provide clean drinking water for life to a child in a developing country. That aligns with our vision to impact kids’ health and wellbeing. Generosity.org is a humanitarian organization that is helping to end the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time. With 778 projects funded, Generosity.org works systematically, and has brought clean drinking water to more than 450,000 people in 20 countries. Ways to Teach Kids About Generosity For many kids, generosity is about giving gifts and sharing objects. From that basic understanding, you can encourage them to think in more abstract terms, like giving your time, sharing a smile, and that the best form of generosity is done sincerely and expecting nothing in return. Books - One of the best children’s books on generosity is “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. It’s a classic book about the selfless nature of giving. Make sure to have a copy at home, and read and discuss it together! Demonstrate generosity - Your kid takes his cues from you, and when he consistently sees you being generous he’ll want to copy your behavior. Don't hesitate to explain your own generous actions out loud: "I baked two cakes. I could have baked only one, but I want to give one as a gift to our neighbor.” Play a family generosity game - Take out some family photos and enjoy looking at them together. Have fun by asking your children to take turns imitating your mannerisms and habits while completing various tasks. Examples include driving a car, cleaning up, making dinner, changing a diaper, or any other parenting task. Caring for others - Make a gift for someone. It could be a card, a drawing, or a package of goodies. Then, pay them a visit. They will be surprised and excited by your generous gesture! Discuss other people's wants and needs - Guide your kids to see a world bigger than themselves and to think about others. Discuss your closest family members’/friends’ needs and how to address them and your needs together. With generosity and Gulu-Love, Team Gululu
Gululu Launches on Amazon Exclusive and Partners with Generosity.org
Dear friends, We’re excited to share great news for 2017! Beginning right now, on January 18, Gululu Interactive water bottles are available on Amazon Exclusive (Link: https://goo.gl/NqW0RR ), meaning we are featured in a hand-selected and limited product portfolio. This means that Gululu is available quicker than ever, with fast two-day shipping within the USA! On top of that, we are super excited to announce that Gululu is launching a new partnership with Generosity.org. Now, for every Gululu bottle purchased, you will be providing clean drinking water for life to one child in a developing country. We want to give back and Generosity.org is the perfect partner. A humanitarian organization that is helping to end the clean water crisis in developing countries, one community at a time, with 778 projects funded, Generosity.org has brought clean drinking water to more than 450,000 people in twenty countries. It's been a long road getting to today's two big milestones. Here's a short recap of our journey: When we first launched Gululu, we used crowdfunding platforms to prove the Gululu concept, which allowed us to develop our product and grow early adopters and fans. Our community grew and Kickstarter alone drew 200% over our expectations! Then, we launched our own online shop on mygululu.com as demand increased. Throughout, we were also featured by the tech-based gadget store b8ta in their prime locations, and now we’re honored to have been selected as an Amazon Exclusive product. What is Amazon Exclusives? In 2015, Amazon launched Amazon Exclusives as a platform for unique products offered exclusively, such as Furbo, Segway and others. Only about 200 products and companies are chosen to participate in the Amazon Exclusive program and Gululu is proud to be among them. "Our team is thrilled to be a part of the Amazon Exclusive program so that we may deliver more Gululus to a wider audience and continue to perfect our product experience,” said Alvin Chiang, founder and Chief Gululu. “Our partnership with Generosity.org is also an important endeavor that aligns with our vision of children wellness and healthy habits, with providing clean water and hydration to children everywhere.” Below is our new Amazon Exclusive link - launched today, January 18, 2017! https://goo.gl/NqW0RR We are truly humbled by this opportunity to be featured on the biggest store in the world, and at the same time, to be able to give back to children in need. Please help us share the news with your friends through social media and word of mouth to achieve our mission: to support children’s health and well-being, and have fun while doing it! With sincerest gratitude and love, Team Gululu
Dream of Gululu, In Remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.
January 16th is a very special day in American history. On this day, we celebrate the life and accomplishments of a brave man, a wise man, a loving man- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  Dr. King helped to bring the awareness of oppression of a people to the forefront of social politics. Dr. King had a dream of bringing equality to all people, for which he fought passionately and relentlessly until his untimely end. We at Gululu also share passion, a passion for bringing proper hydration habits to kids around the world! We would like to honor this great man by sharing some of his most famous quotes, but with a Gululu twist- serious wisdom, mixed with fun! “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: “What are you doing for your children?” “Gululu is taking the first step, to bring hydration health awareness to the world.” “Thirst cannot drive out thirst; only water can do that. Sickness cannot drive out sickness; only healthy habits can to that.” “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their Gululu, but by the content of their Gululu.” “Poor hydration anywhere is a threat to health everywhere.” “I have decided to stick with Gululu.  Thirst is too great a burden to bear.” “Innovation is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” “We must learn to drink together with Gululu, or perish together from thirst.” “In the end, we will remember not the words of our teachers, but the laughter of our friends.” “If you can’t fly, then run; if you can’t run, then walk; if you can’t walk, then crawl; but whatever you do you have to keep drinking your Gululu.”  “Social interaction and proper hydration-that is the true goal of Gululu.” “We may all have different Gululu bottles, but we’re drinking the same water now.” “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about poor hydration habits.” “No child really knows why they are thirsty, until Gululu gives them a reason to hydrate for.” “The time is always right to drink water.” “I submit to you that if a child hasn’t discovered Gululu, then that child isn’t properly hydrated.” “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere thirst and poor hydration habits.” “A genuine Gululu bottle is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of healthy habits.” “We must accept finite hydration goals, but never lose infinite fun!” “Only in the bottle can you see the Gululu universe.” “Water is the only face capable of transforming thirst into good health.” “We must build dykes of Gululu bottles to hold back the flood of poor hydration habits.” “Good hydration habits are not occasional acts, but constant goals.” We hope you’ve enjoyed our word play with Dr. King’s amazing wisdom.  We could never assume that his words be taken lightly, but with deepest sincerity, respect, and fun!  Take some time this weekend to share with your children the life of this influential man.  Let Dr. King’s mission be known, and continue to inspire us to become better people, just as Gululu’s mission can inspire kids to be healthier. Happy Martin Luther King Day! Much love from Team Gululu.    
Tips for planning your Kids’ New Year’s Resolutions
Reflecting on the past year, setting goals and decisions for the new year, is something many grownups are doing, but can it be equally effective for your kids?  If taken in a constructive way, your children can benefit from this process and learn how to plan and take charge of their actions. Keeping the promises made, or acquiring or improving healthy habits, can make kids feel better about themselves and develop their self-esteem. Ultimately, such a process can change the course of the coming year- for the best!Setting New Year’s resolutions for your kids should start with their own will. Guide them to find what achievements this year will make their hearts sing! Here are a few resolutions to suggest your kids embrace:?         Be the best at something.If your kids practice sports, music, chess or any other skill- ask them, what can they do to be the best at it? Or if there is any new skill your kids want to develop this year, ask them what it is, and plan their steps to acquire this. Let your kids come up with answers and help them by adjusting their plan for getting better at their choices.  Remember, every small win counts!?         Improve grades.School is a big part of their lives. Ask your kids in which classes would they like to get better grades, and what can they promise to do in order to make this happen? Make yourself available to adjust or to add to their suggestions as needed. ?          Eat a healthy dietEncourage your kids to develop healthy eating habits to help avoid cavities, obesity, and improve their wellbeing. Good hydration habits are also healthy for your kids (That’s what Gululu water bottles are for!). Create a game plan, like: “sweets are allowed once per day,” or, “eat at least one favorite fruit or vegetable every day,” and so on- whatever works for you and your kid!The most challenging thing is to keep it going for the whole year. Find ways to help your kids be consistent with their goals. Talk about it. Give them incentives. Plan or emphasize their small wins on a regular basis. Anything that can make your kids want to keep fulfilling their goals for 2017 is great!Have a wonderful 2017!Love, Team Gululu 
Gululove shakes the world in 2016
We humbly see this past summer as a starting point of a health transformation for families worldwide: After a year-long research, design, crafting and a valuable mission in front of our eyes, the Gululu interactive bottle entered the world and began to change the lives of children and families. With a big bang launch on Kickstarter, and coverage across the world, we celebrate a year of great effort and a little impact. We hope you're relaxing with your loved ones at home on the couch drinking Eggnog and munching on the leftovers from Christmas or you're at some beautiful beach vacation in the Caribbean's dancing to some rumba….. so if you don't read this article now we understand and just want you to know that the Gululu team wishes you a very happy holiday, an amazing 2017, filled with joyful moments, healthy lifestyle, happiness, success, and dream fulfillment! You have our heartfelt thanks for all your support this year <3 Gululu is more than an innovative product, we invested so much to create a revolutionary training wheel to advance our mission: Gululu is a mean to educate for healthy water drinking habits, to raise awareness and for parents to have peace of mind when it comes to their kids health. We are privileged to wake up every morning and receive supportive letters and photos from our kids and parents customers. Thanks to the children and families who enjoy Gululu, and to the teams of supporters who have helped us along the way, we toast and give thanks to the wins of 2016: Thanks to Crowdfunding: Gululu fans rally to 200% of our Kickstarter funding goal. Thanks to our parents supporters: As we work with more parents whose children have medical conditions, including PKD, one mom writes, “Thank you Gululu! Thousands of parents have children that medically need more water, so I thank you for developing this product!” Thanks to our viewers: Gululu video views altogether (from across KickStarter, Indiegogo, our official website and all other media’s video coverage) gets more than 10 million views. Watch this video! Thanks to the flattering media publications: News of the product travels to over 20 countries & was translated to 16 languages. Special thanks to Forbes: We are featured in Forbes as 1 of the 5 coolest water bottles and USA Today, comparing Gululu to big brands such as Lenovo, HP and Sony Thanks to our customers: We have sold and shipped thousands of Gululu bottles in less than 6 months - We know some of you are still waiting for your Gululu bottles and we are so sorry some orders were delayed, thank you so much for your patience, we are hard at work to get your orders to you. Thanks to our social media fans: We celebrate 15,000 loyal fans on Facebook and we just opened up another page dedicated to Asia (www.facebook.com/gululuasia) Thanks to the b8ta stores: Gululu has been chosen to be showcased at the b8ta stores - Ingenious connected devices that elevate your lifestyle and your domestic space. Thanks to Amazon Exclusive: Gululu has been Invited by Amazon Exclusive to be featured in their limited product portfolio—launching 2017, stay tuned!   Thank you for believing in us, for embracing new solutions to children’s health, and for all of the Gulu- Love over this past year.  Cheers to a bright 2017, for children and families across the globe!
How To Create Special Holiday Spirit Memories
Christmas- it’s a special time of year: the tender voices of carols on the radio accompany you wherever you go; neighborhood and city streets are alive with rainbows of lights dazzling old and young alike; the sweet smell of fresh-cut pine and fir trees bring warm memories of gift-wrapped anticipation.  Christmas is the season when people travel hundreds of miles to be with family, people they love most.Divine it would be if the weather were always as comforting as seeing a dearly-missed relative; however, blustery winds and rain, snow and frost are usually what wintertime has prepared for our families’ gatherings, keeping people indoors and close to the burning Yule log.  We might not be able to go outside and play, but there are a ton of fun things for families to do at home! We at Gululu acknowledge that it’s the big and little moments that make memories and here are some ideas on how you and your loved ones can really get into the holiday spirit! Step 1: You don’t need snow to make it feel like the holiday season, grab some seasonal essentials and cover your home in them! Gather the lights, garland, wreaths, bows, ribbons and more! String them all up and around your home to decorate and bring the holidays to you! Step 2: Share the joy by bringing people in or meeting them out-right at their front doors! Have family and friends visit your newly decorated home and share smiles as you all sip hot apple cider or hot cocoa, and chew on some candy canes! Then, bundle up and make a trip around the neighborhood to sing Christmas carols door to door.  Step 3: If the blankets and the fuzzy slippers aren’t keeping you warm, gather around the fireplace and have a family cuddle session! Be sure to be safe and always have an adult present to make sure the fire stays fun for everyone! Step 4: Fill your bellies with yummy goodies and decorate some sugar cookies! Follow this simple recipe and add your own colored icing to make the cookies a treat even after you’re done decorating! Step 5:Take a nice, refreshing walk outside and see how the world around you is covered in a thick (or thin) layer of pure white snow! Make shoeprints and your own path as you walk around and discover how nature has turned your flowing pond into a big block of ice!  While giving and receiving gifts this year, know that the best gift above all is good health.  Please continue to share Gululu’s mission: to bring healthy drinking habits to kids everywhere. This Christmas, we wish you all heath and happiness.  We are honored to have friends and customers like you!  Merry Christmas!  From Team Gululu 
Gululu is now available at "b8ta" a physical store chain for tech gadgets
Gululu team is extremely excited to announce that our interactive bottle is now available at the gadget store chain b8ta  at the Santa Monica and Seattle locations! Following our in-demand indiegogo online store and right before Gululu’s Amazon launch, due in January 2017.b8ta, is a new kind of retail store that sells trendy tech gadgets. It's designed to improve the customer and maker experience and helps people discover, try, and learn about new tech products while empowering makers with a simple retail-as-a-service model that puts them in control.B8ta’s goal is to get innovative products like the Gi Flybike, a folding electric bicycle, and Thync, a wearable for achieving mindfulness and boosting energy, and now Gululu, into physical stores and enable people to have real, tactile experiences with them!Gululu’s bottle combined with a Tamagochi-like smart toy that keeps kids hydrated and healthy is excited to stand next to the world's’ top gadgets in the b8ta stores.We invite you to come and meet our pets from the Gululu Universe Ninji, Purpie and Sansa at the b8ta stores.Gululu is available in the following b8ta Storesb8ta Store Santa Monica - 395 Santa Monica Place, Level Two, Santa Monica, CA 90401b8ta Store Seattle- 2616 NE 46th Street, Seattle, WA 98105  
10 Things To Do With Your Kids Before Christmas
There is something in the air in December, no doubt about it: The cool weather and snow, puffy coats and warm clothes, end-of the year feeling, and Christmas lights all around! This time of the year reminds us about love, togetherness and giving. In order to increase the fun during this magical time of the year, we have gathered 10 family activities to do in December:1. Go out and look at Christmas lights together - Take your kids to explore the town's’ beautiful lights and decorated houses! Surely you’ll enjoy the creativity out there!2. Put up your Christmas tree - pick your Christmas tree together and put it up! Decorate your tree with home made installments3.Sing Christmas songs together - what was your favorite Christmas song as a kid? What is your kids’ favorite Christmas song? Sing along and light up your hearts with fun Christmas songs4. Wrap gifts - Buy your favorite colorful wraps and ribbons, get tape, scissors and you are ready to  wrap your gifts together!5. Watch a holiday movie together - there are so many of them!6. Holiday Cards - make cards for your family, friends and teachers. Address and mail them!7. Eat candies! - Go to the nearest candy store for a holiday treat! Get all those yummy candy canes!8. Christmas Stockings- Hang stockings on the mantle or banister - together9. Make winter tea - use your favorite recipe to make sweet tea for the cold winter evenings. Our recommended recipe: In a saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add tea bags, stevia, honey or your favorite sweetener, and then add vanilla. Season with pumpkin pie spice or apple pie spice.10. Selfies - Take photos off all those fun activities together! Print the best ones and place them in your living room, playroom or other preferred place - to keep those fun memories with you!
How To Improve Your Kids’ Self-Esteem
It’s usually easy to notice when kids seem to feel good about themselves, and when they don't. We often describe this as "self-esteem." When grownups and especially kids feel good about themselves, it sets them up for success in many of life’s aspects from school to friendships. Kids who experience more positive feelings like self-acceptance or self-confidence will try new challenges, cope with mistakes better, and try again. Taking pride in their abilities and accomplishments helps kids in every step of the way.Our kids self esteem is being built during their childhood by their closest surroundings. To support that, we have gathered 3 top tips to help build our kids self esteem:Encourage and accept idea sharing: Share your decision making process with your kids and let them raise solutions and thoughts. Accept their ideas with love and excitement - that will improve their self worth and promote good feeling.Strengthen their strengths: In his book “Seeds of Self-Esteem" Dr.’ Robert B. Brooks states that everyone has a few fields of strength. It’s important to support our kids in expressing those strengths as the small accomplishments will make the kid feel good. Also the positive feedback your kid will get from their surroundings will increase their self esteem.Develop their sense of responsibility: Being responsible increases our kids sense of belonging and motivation to collaborate with others. Give your kid small responsibilities like putting his toys back in place at the end of each day, help cleaning the table after dinner, or assist with younger sibling. All of those will improve your kids self esteem and reflect on other aspects of life, school, social life, etc. With lots of Gululu-Love, the Gululu team
Tips to Keep Hydrated During the Winter Time
Staying hydrated makes more sense when it's hot, right? Our kids play, sweat, and us parents have to make sure they drink enough… Apparently proper hydration is just as important during winter time. Warm clothing and layers increase your child's sweating during winter, research shows that some common winter illnesses are caused by dehydration, among them flu and norovirus.Here are some tips and habits to keep your kid hydrated all year long;Water in food - rich vegetables and fruits Adding those healthy and tasty vegetables and fruits to your kids lunch box or meals on a daily basis can do wonders for his health and well being!Fruits: Apple, Oranges, Grapes, Pineapple, StrawberriesVegetables: Carrots, Broccoli, Lettuce, Celery, SpinachDevelop a habit to drink strategically a few times a day Make it a habit for your child to drink water when he or she wakes us, before they go to sleep, before and after play time. Embrace water drinking as a daily, fun activity!Add liquid foods to your kids diet Yummy soups or smoothies contribute to good hydration and health- simplicity is key… that’s why chicken soup is for the most part on the top of your child's list!Get your kid a Gululu bottle This way your kid will interact and make friends with the Gululu pet, will bond and take care of it as he drinks more water, parents will track kids’ water intake and can have the peace of mind knowing your kids are water- smart all year long!Since Gululu is all about keeping a healthy lifestyle while having fun and caring for others, we have launched a special sale for Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday: During November 25-28, Gululu will be giving 3 Extra Spouts for every pre order purchased of Twin or Family packs!  Click here for more info 
Ways to spread kindness together, on Thanksgiving
“Thanksgiving” means many things to different people but for most, the holiday of Thanksgiving is about festive meals, parades, football, family and friends, and, of course… turkey! For many, it's also about spending time together as a family, catching up and enjoying each other's company.The essence of the Thanksgiving holiday is so beautiful - it’s a reminder to give thanks for the good things we have, people and providential events in our lives. This holiday is a chance for many families to spend quality time together - which makes it a great time to encourage your kids to reflect on the love and kindness that you have for one another, as well as sharing your thoughts about what you feel grateful for!Our Gululu team wanted to share a few ways to spread kindness and gratitude around Thanksgiving time;Play the A to Z family gratitude gameHave everyone sit together so that they can hear and see one another. Going around the group of family and friends, have each person say what they're grateful for, according the whichever letter of the alphabet the player is up to. For example, player one says "I am grateful for Aunt Melissa", player two says "I am grateful for Boney my best friend", and player three says "I am grateful for my Caring mom", etc. Keep going around the group until you've completed the alphabet. This can be an exciting and memorable time spent together! Run a Bake SaleInitiate this fun fundraiser activity together with your kids - bake goods together like cupcakes, donuts and cookies, and donate the funds to a greater cause, charity, organisation, or a shelter nearby.VolunteerTogether with your kid, contribute to the less fortunate and volunteer to help prepare meals at a homeless shelter, donate extra cans and packaged goods to a soup kitchen, make a donation. This can be an essential part of teaching your children about gratitude by taking action.Give Anonymously This one is going to be so much fun - Go out on a “kindness spreading spree” without asking for anything in return. Anonymously give little gifts to others. Leave “love notes” on people's cars, candies on the front door of a total stranger. You won’t get to see how they react but can imagine together how you made them feel. You probably made someone else's’ day so much sweeter!From all of us at Gululu, we are sending our gratitude to you, with a lot of Gululu-Love! 
5 Awesome Educational Apps For Our Kids
Many kids have access to iPads, Tablets and smartphones. As much as they can be used to entertain the kids, more and more parents want to make sure their bundles of joy won’t end up on websites they shouldn’t access, won't mess up the device settings, and of course, won’t get exposed to “unfriendly” figures that are out there in cyber space….To address that, we have crafted a list of educational and fun apps for kids, that will make their time with their device enjoyable, improve different skills and teach them new exciting facts!Counting ParrotsThe Counting Parrots Game is a fun educational tool that teaches children mathematical skills. Together with the colourful parrots your child learns counting, addition, associating numbers with quantities, and simple equations. The kids game also strengthens motor skills and memory and prepares your kid for school!Ages: 3-7 //  Price; Free, $5.00  //  iPhone, iPad, AndroidHabitat the GameTeach your kid to care for the environment by practicing real world actions - smart use of water, turning light off and even adopting a polar bear! Let your kid develop awareness on how to make a real difference for the environment on an everyday basis with this fascinating game!Ages: 4 years+ // Price: Free  // iPhone, iPad, AndroidCookie Monster's ChallengeIn this fun app, the cookie monster will prepare your kids for school through the teaching of various practices such as: how to follow directions, focus, self control and more. The game offers different levels and as the kid progress, he earns pieces of a cookie making machineAges: 3 years+ // Price: $2.99  // iPad, AndroidThe Magic School Bus: Oceans by ScholasticYour kid will get to embark on an aquatic journey in this interactive storybook, which features science facts, pictures, games, and videos.Ages: 6-8  //  Price: $3.99  // iPad onlyAnsel & Clair's Adventures in AfricaYour kid will meet Clair the robot and Ansel, an intergalactic travel photographer, that will guide your child through animations, quests, puzzles, and games located in exotic places such as the Nile Valley, Sahara Desert, and Serengeti Plains. It instill a sense of adventure and exploration in your kid with this engaging game!Ages: 6-8  // Price:$4.99  // iPadNow us parents can either join our kids and play together or have the peace of mind knowing our kids are in “good hands”!
DIY Crafts To Start And Enjoy The Fall
As the summer days get shorter and autumn begins to cool the air, it’s time to find a new type of fun to get you and your kids through the new season. Fill time with crafts, games, and lot of laughs with these creative ideas from the Gululu pets!Gather up all the leaves from the yard, rake them into one huge pile, and jump on in!Pumpkin/apple picking! An activity for the whole family where you get to enjoy the “fruits” of your labor even after the fun of picking is done!Knitting is fitting! This might be an activity for the older kids, but it’s never too early to learn how to make fun scarves, hats, or gloves for the colder weather up ahead!Make some spooky, silly, and surprising masks with some construction paper, glue, glitter, markers, scissors and tape! Add a little string and it’ll look great!Hot apple cider and warm hot cocoa! Here is a DIY home recipe of the drinks of the season!Take a hike! This is a great way to explore how the fall is changing all the places around your home! It doesn’t matter where you live, either way your surroundings are shifting-so go out and see!Make a campfire and bake up some s’mores! Give me some more of those s’mores! Endless excitement begins with gathering firewood, feeling the warm glow of the fire, and putting together chocolate, marshmallows, and gram crackers for the perfect snack!Go camping quick! Hurry, before the weather gets too crisp! Whether in your living room, back yard, or on the side of a mountain, get out into nature and let the adventure happen! Now you have additional ways to celebrate the changing of the seasons together!
7 Healthy & Festive Halloween Treats That Your Kids Would Love!
With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite healthy and festive treats! Sometimes the amount of candy consumed during Halloween can be the spookiest part of the holiday, so we’ve compiled a list of snacks that are both fun for your kids to create together, share with others and of course good for them! 1.“Grapenstein” This spooky snack is super easy and portable. Perfect for packing into your child’s lunchbox! 2. Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts These adorable and fruity snacks are perfect for parties or as snacks for the whole class. 3.Witches Hands This spooky witch hand is out to get you…! Use seethrough food handler gloves (non latex), and fill with popcorn and use candy corns or almonds for the fingernails. This hand is delicious and fun to eat! 4.Spider PB&J For an easy and festive school lunch on Halloween day, try this creepy crawly sandwich that your kid will love eating! 5. Candy Corn Popsicles   Even though the weather is cooler, that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a frozen treat! These candy corn popsicles are super easy to make and delicious, too. 6. Witches’ Teeth These witchy treats are easy and healthy and look fantastic. Cut apples in the shape of an open mouth, and sub the almonds for seeds or pretzel stick bits to accommodate allergies! 7.Witch or Frankenstein Guac Platter These magnificent displays are not only healthy but make great centerpieces for a Halloween party or as a contribution to a Halloween-themed potluck! With little cooking involved, these are easy and fun to assemble. We hope you enjoy these tasty and nutritious treats! Happy Halloween from everyone at Team Gululu!
5 tips to balance technology with your kids, the same as you do with hydration
Establishing good habits is important no matter what, whether it’s with drinking or with technology usage. With drinking it's that little screen that reminds us to drink, but how do we balance technology time and other types of time with our kids?We teamed up with getScreen.com to understand why it is so important to balance technology, and got some useful tips for you. As we are gathering more and more data on technology usage, we realize excessive screen time is associated with many problems like poor academic performance, sleep problems, obesity, and more.According to the American Academy of Pediatrics study, 8-10 year old children spend nearly 8 hours a day on media, while teens spend more than 11 hours a day on it. Our children spend more time with media than school or sleep! How can we balance it?Here are some tips that can help balance technology and life in your family:Encourage playtime. Passive screen time shouldn't replace playing, reading, hiking, or any off-screen activity. Make unplugged playtime a daily priority, especially for young children. Set Limits. Kids need and expect limits set by their parents. Rules needs to be clear and relevant to your kids. Some examples are no devices during dinner; no devices at bedtime; no cellphone while doing homework.Create tech-free zones. Your dining area and bedroom should be tech free. Keep your family dinner technology free, as this is the time your family should socialize. Keep the computer and TV out of the kids bedroom, which will reduce temptation to use at night, and make it easy for you to monitor their use.Out of sight out of mind! Have a charging station for all devices at a common place around your home, and have them charge overnight. That will help with the temptation to use them when kids should be sleeping, and a bonus - all are ready with 100% battery for the next day! Be a role model. Don't forget to join your children in an unplugged play whenever you're able. Don’t check your phone when they talk about their day. Leading by example is the best learning tool we have as parents, use it!Bonus tip- Define your family’s technology rules with your children. Make sure they are aware of them. If kids understand what's expected of them and the reason behind it, they are more likely to agree and follow.  * This guest post was written by @TaliOrad, founder of Screen and also a mother of 3 children that live by those rules and are happy to share them with you!** Image credit: Getscreen.com
How Using Your Imagination Helps!
While the advancement of technology today is a great way to expand the creativity in a child’s mind, there are also everyday objects and activities that can do just the same trick for you and your kids! We may have grown up in a time where cardboard boxes and forts out of pillows and sheets were the best form of entertainment and imagination, but why does that have to be left in the past? Let’s bring the play times of our past to the present and show the little how to have fun the old fashioned way.Imagination is all about making something extraordinary and fun out of something that is just plain ordinary. The world is made of so many simple delights and imagination is the practice of changing them into something much more than they are!Here are a few games that your family can play to extend the fun throughout the fall days!1. The floor is lava! A staple game in which all you need are some cushions, pillows, tables, or chairs. Anything that isn’t the hardwood or carpet flooring is the ultimate obstacle course for your kids to challenge themselves through! This imaginative exercise helps kids develop decision making skills, problem solving, and goal setting too!2.Make a whole universe under the in-home fort that you create together. Bed sheets, blankets, comforters, pillows or whatever else that is on hand can change the atmosphere and can help kids be their own little architects. Creativity can grow with your kid’s imagination as they make a little escape within their safe space!3. Don’t stop at the cardboard box! No matter size-small to giant, the cardboard box is much more than it seems. It once held tangible objects coming in, but now it will make way to intangible memories and experiences.With your imagination you and your kids can travel anywhere, do anything, or be anyone. Obstacles will no longer stop the fun, they’ll just allow for more imaginative ways to discover along the way!
Surprise news, fun for you and the family!
Team Gululu has some exciting news, but first we want to send you a big thank you. Throughout this long journey you have all been by our side and we want you to know how special that is to Team Gululu. We have all come together and now you and your kids will get the Interactive Water Bottles that you backed for us on Kickstarter! We are very happy to announce that the Gululu pets are on their way to you, starting this month!  We kept our Gululu word, as promised when we went to KickStarter.   Your Gululu bottles are ready for shipping and are being sent out batch by batch as you read this, and here’s some inside information about manufacturing we’d like to share with you. Since we only have one set of moulds, we need to manufacture one color after another carefully, and every change of the color would require us several days to one week to clean the mould and reconfigure the whole manufacturing process. As a startup with limited resources, I think we were bold enough to make 5 colors (even Apple didn’t do this in its early days) while we still want to make sure we live up to the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.  The first colors coming out will be… BLUE, PINK and PURPLE! Only for those who ordered the non plus packages. And for the rest of you who ordered plus packages or the colors YELLOW and GREEN please be patient, we are working hard to send out the next batches as soon as possible!  We would not say our 1st version of Gululu would be perfect, but if Gululu will take a life of its own to become better and serve more wellness purposes, you are one of the first few thousand innovative users to join us to bring Gululu to the world. And that means a great deal to us. Each Gululu package includes many things for family fun! You will receive your Gululu bottle, a wireless charger, a USB cable, and a Gululu Story Booklet too! To start using your Gululu right away, open the package and begin with the fun! First, download the Gululu app! Next, connect your Gululu bottle to the app and choose a pet to begin, or you can start experiencing Gululu and connect the app later. While we continue to produce more Gululu bottles to fulfil the demand of our current customers, we’d also like you to know that we are also gradually expanding our Gululu Universe. You probably noticed that we have used our 3D assets of the animated pet characters in our marketing materials, and we are building more 3D animations for future game upgrades. We are also very fortunate to have one music artist/composer signed under Warner Music who is writing songs for Gululu. We’ll update you about more Gululu developments when the stories continue to unfold.   We can’t wait to see Gululu in your homes, so snap us a picture of you unboxing your Gululu bottles, post it on social media #mygululu and we will share them.  Love team Gululu :)   
7 Tips That Teach Your Kids to Help Around The House and Have Fun Doing It!
Labor Day is coming up quick, so here are some quick tips on how you can teach your kids to help around the house and have fun doing it! Labor Day is all about the hard work of Americans in our past and your children can join in too by learning how to be responsible and how to help out the family on this special day. Household cleaning, yard work, laundry, taking out the trash and so many others are chores you can choose for your kids.Here are some tips so that your kids too can work hard and want to participate in Labor Day this year:A chore, AND a pleasure! Treat chores as a pleasure verses a punishment. If your kids begin to associate being in trouble with doing something productive, they won’t want to voluntarily contribute to all the things that Labor Day is all about!Keep time! There is nothing more motivating than a count down clock to get kids moving. They love to be timed! Give your kids a chore and time them to see how long it takes, this can even continue on to the future where your children can try to beat their time each different turn that they do the chore. If you have multiple children, or want to challenge your kids to a cleanup contest yourself, you can make a game out of who can complete the tasks the quickest!Make a chore chart! You don’t always need money to motivate your kids, and even stickers on a board can give them a sense of accomplishment! Write out chores on a piece of paper or some cardboard lying around the house with their names on an opposing axis and add stickers to the board once a chore is complete so that your children can equate more chores to more stickers which equals more fun!Keep challenging your kids! Start them off with a small and simple chore, and emphasize how you think they can do much bigger and much more! Not only does this let your littles feel like they are more grown up each day, but it also helps you with your work as well!Add music to the mix! Keeping kids on beat, or distracting them with their favorite song makes doing chores last so much longer before your kids get bored! If you want them to work through a specific job or just for a certain amount of time, this is a good way to add entertainment to work for days even after Labor Day.Teach your child responsibility! Teach your kids that being responsible and helping out, on all days of the year, is all a part of growing up. Steps to being a big girl or a big boy are all about being able to do things on your own and one of these things is to be able to keep their spaces clean!Keep them hydrated and helping! By staying hydrated throughout the day kids will have the energy to keep working hard!Labor Day is a great chance to teach responsibility in and around the home, not matter what age your littles are! We hope these tips will help you out and a Happy Labor Day from Team Gululu! Reference:http://www.parents.com/kids/development/social/motivate-kids-to-do-chores/?slideId=40370http://www.focusonthefamily.com/parenting/parenting-challenges/motivating-kids-to-clean-up/inspire-your-kids-to-do-chores
Continue the summer fun and stay healthy all year long with Gululu’s favorite kid’s products
Parents, it’s a shame that summer is nearing an end! Are you worrying about all the stress from back-to-school season? Not only does Gululu help children stay healthy and make parents happy by helping their kids develop good habits, it also serves the function as a friend! The Gululu friends are high-tech virtual pets that accompany families through a hydration adventure this summer and even after school starts! To brighten up kids’ daily lives even more, Team Gululu has done lots of research to find out what suits kids the best. Through the Gululu team’s careful investigation on many children products during the development of our own bottle, we also learned the key elements that we want to deliver with a children’s product: innovation, companionship, healthy habit formation, and storytelling. Here we have selected 10 exciting kid’s products that also share these elements, just like Gululu does. Let’s check them out! Gululu interactive bottle Our top pick is, of course, Gululu! Gululu rewards kids for their good water drinking habits by measuring and tracking children’s daily drinking with the advanced technology implemented into the bottles. Gululu helps kids learn through playing with the lively Gululu monsters living in their bottles. Parents can also set school mode for the bottle so it won’t disturb kids’ school time. It’s the perfect back-to-school must-have, grab a Gululu bottle now! Boogie Board e-writers Remember the old-fashioned scratch board you used to play on? Remember the time you spent to draw on it with a wooden paper just to revel in the color of rainbow beneath? Now there is a more advanced version of it just for your kid to enjoy the same joy you used to, only with an electronic pen and an LCD screen. With the new scratch board and new Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, let your kids enjoy the same fun and drink as much water as you did with fashionable technology! New Matter 3D printer Finally, an affordable 3D printer for your kids to play with. This amazing 3D printer is designed by New Matter, and has a complete DIY feature for your kids to maximize their imagination, as well as an easy-to-use online store with varieties of model choices to print. Let your kids create their own universe! Osmo Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play. It makes the iPad more interactive with your kids, with engaging puzzles and games that will let them learning through playing! Kidizoom Smartwatch DX This smartwatch is perfect for the kids that want to be a photographer! This durable smartwatch has plenty of memory so kids can take tons of pictures and videos. Not only does it help kids learn to tell time by letting them choose between more than fifty 3D digital and analog displays, the Smartwatch DX also includes games kids can play with! Just like Gululu, it comes in 5 different colors! Let’s color on kids’ daily lives! The Forest Feast for Kids The first children’s cookbook from New York Times bestselling author and popular food blogger Erin Gleeson, The Forest Feast for Kids, comes with 40 easy-to-follow recipes. This includes both text and visual directions for snacks, main courses, desserts, and drinks to let children cook the dishes themselves.   Epic! Like the name hints at, it sure is an epic mobile app that provides access to Over 15,000 Books for Kids. Epic! Having a personalized recommendations feature based on kids’ interest and their individual reading levels, the reward system also offers extra motivation for children to keep reading. We find Gululu is just like this in bottle form! MyPlate While Gululu teaches kids healthy hydration habits, MyPlate helps kids develop healthy eating habits. MyPlate teaches kids the way of healthy and balanced whole food diets with enticing pictures. The visual stimuli remind kids which categories of food they should include in every meal, whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner.   The summertime is almost over; we hope the products Gululu suggested for you can extend the fun to all year long. Before you pack the school bags for your little darlings, make sure they can have as much of a blast in the incoming school year as in the summer! Wishing everyone can have a nice back-to-school season! Oh, and don’t forget to drink enough water to optimize brain and body function and keep energy levels high for school!   Have something you want to say about our recommendations? Or do you have even better suggestions? Please feel free to let us know by commenting on our Facebook page!   Disclaimer: Except for Gululu Interactive Water Bottle, other products stated above do not belong to and are not controlled by Bowhead Technology. Posting content is provided for informational purposes only. All images used in this post are property of respective image holders. Images are only used for indicative purposes.