10 Nov 5 Awesome Educational Apps For Our Kids

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Many kids have access to iPads, Tablets and smartphones. As much as they can be used to entertain the kids, more and more parents want to make sure their bundles of joy won’t end up on websites they shouldn’t access, won't mess up the device settings, and of course, won’t get exposed to “unfriendly” figures that are out there in cyber space….

To address that, we have crafted a list of educational and fun apps for kids, that will make their time with their device enjoyable, improve different skills and teach them new exciting facts!

Counting Parrots

The Counting Parrots Game is a fun educational tool that teaches children mathematical skills. Together with the colourful parrots your child learns counting, addition, associating numbers with quantities, and simple equations. The kids game also strengthens motor skills and memory and prepares your kid for school!
Ages: 3-7 //  Price; Free, $5.00  //  iPhone, iPad, Android

Habitat the Game

Teach your kid to care for the environment by practicing real world actions - smart use of water, turning light off and even adopting a polar bear! Let your kid develop awareness on how to make a real difference for the environment on an everyday basis with this fascinating game!
Ages: 4 years+ // Price: Free  // iPhone, iPad, Android

Cookie Monster's Challenge

In this fun app, the cookie monster will prepare your kids for school through the teaching of various practices such as: how to follow directions, focus, self control and more. The game offers different levels and as the kid progress, he earns pieces of a cookie making machine
Ages: 3 years+ // Price: $2.99  // iPad, Android

The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic

Your kid will get to embark on an aquatic journey in this interactive storybook, which features science facts, pictures, games, and videos.
Ages: 6-8  //  Price: $3.99  // iPad only

Ansel & Clair's Adventures in Africa

Your kid will meet Clair the robot and Ansel, an intergalactic travel photographer, that will guide your child through animations, quests, puzzles, and games located in exotic places such as the Nile Valley, Sahara Desert, and Serengeti Plains. It instill a sense of adventure and exploration in your kid with this engaging game!
Ages: 6-8  // Price:$4.99  // iPad

Now us parents can either join our kids and play together or have the peace of mind knowing our kids are in “good hands”!

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