21 Aug 4 ways to ensure smooth transition from summer fun to school-time!

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Wow! Where did the time go? It seems that just last month we were busy signing our kids up for summer programs, planning vacations, and sending them to visit family.  

And then out of nowhere, summer is almost over, and it’s time for school again!
For lots of parents, the start of the school year is when things finally get back to normal. However, for our kids, it’s almost a nightmare coming true!  

No more late night movies, sleeping late, day after day of fun with friends and family.  Time spent at the pool will be replaced with time spent at a desk, learning new things in the classroom. Kids often find it hard to return to the rigors of a structured school week.  

New teachers, new classes, new friends—how can they keep up with all of it?
Our dedication to healthy kids and parents is ongoing. We never stop, and we have a few ideas to help make a smooth transition from summer fun to school-time humdrum.

1) Prepare a routine!
The week before school starts, begin practicing the new schedule. Wake up early and have them get ready for “an exciting day at school!”  Prepare a lunch, and remind them to drink from their water bottle to stay hydrated. Tell kids what to expect and be ready to answer any questions they might have.
2) School Walk-through!
Plan some time to walk your kids through their school.  Find all of their classrooms, the principal's office, and bathrooms so they won’t feel lost on their first day. This is also great for parents if you ever need to find your kids during school time, so you’ll know right where to go.
3) Make a play date!
During the week before school, invite some friends over for “a fun day at school.” It’s like a sleepover during the day, filled with school-themed activities instead. Friends can all bring their lunches, eat together, and enjoy “class time” with fun things to do, like Art—coloring, Science—leaf collage, Math—practicing fractions with measuring cups; The possibilities are endless!  Just have fun. This also helps other parents to have a day of practice.
4) Meeting the Teachers!
Meeting your child's teacher together with your child can help ease any anxiety kids might feel when meeting a new person. It can give kids a sense of security: by saying, “Don’t worry.  I’ve got your back.”  It will also show the teacher you really care about your kid’s education by being a part of it.
One more recommendation from us. Don’t forget to give your children a water bottle! Now that they’re away from home all day make sure they stay hydrated. If they have a Gululu bottle, remind them you’ll be checking up on their progress throughout the day, which is a breeze to do on the app. Gululu’s rewards are fun and healthy! Adding your own rewards for keeping up with their water-drinking habits, will show you that you are watching and that you care.
Happy, healthy kids make a happy, healthy future.
From all of us at Gululu, Happy School Days!

Much Gulu-Love,

The Gululu Family 

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