28 Oct 3 Tips On How To Pick The Perfect Costume:

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 This is Halloween! Orange! Pumpkins! Costumes! And More! 
This is the season to dress up in silly and scary Halloween costumes and head door to door to collect delicious treats to eat! You may have some spooky ideas of your own, but here are 3 quick tips on how to pick the perfect costume:

Tip 1: Use things of your own from home! 

Look up your favorite character and then raid your wardrobe to pull together your own spin on a character’s costume! But don’t just stop there, your entire house is filled with things that can be used in your costumes: check the kitchen, the garage, the closet, all around!


Tip 2:  Get creative! 

Take inspiration for your kids’ costume from all around you. You can stick with the classics of a vampire, ghost, mummy, or zombie, or what about combining those things? Either mesh them together within each other (like a vampire-zombie or a mummy-ghost) or pull something else into the mix! A vampire-baseball player or a zombie cheerleader, the opportunities are endless!


Tip 3:Don’t do it alone! 

Find some buddies, siblings, and parents and keep everyone together by making a group effort in your costume and doing a group costume! Search your favorite books, movies, tv shows and bands to give everybody a role that they would enjoy to dress up as. Examples could be: dressing up as the Wiggles, the Seven Dwarfs from Snow White, a group of bowling pins, really anything! 

But Halloween isn’t only about dressing up! It’s about that “Trick or Treat” spirit. You cannot contain that spirit to only one night, so check out these 4 games and activities that you can do with your parents and friends to keep the spirit of the season going! 

  1. Monster Freeze Dance Dance Party! Dress it up in your costumes or keep it casual in your everyday clothes but bring a special edition of freeze dance to the floor and play Halloween music, you get out when you keep dancing after the music has finished, whoever is the last one standing is the winner!
  2.  Ghost the Doorbell! Cut out your own drawing of a ghost and pack a bag of goodies to leave on the doorstep of the house that you are “ghosting.” The goal is to leave the ghost and the box of goodies on the doorstep, ring the doorbell or knock on the door, and then run away-trying not to get caught! Make sure you leave instructions about how to continue the ghosting cycle so that everyone on the block can get involved!
  3. The Mummy Wrap! Use toilet paper in a new and fun way by putting it all over your body in a mummy wrap. Grab a partner and make it a friendly competition who can make the most realistic looking mummy on their partner by covering up their body over their clothes as much as possible! 
  4. Pass the Pumpkin! Have you ever heard of a water balloon toss or egg toss? This is just the same, except with little pumpkins! Find a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch that is just light enough for you and a partner to toss. Take a step back each time you make a successful toss and see how far away from each other you can both get tossing it around. Don’t let the pumpkin hit the floor!

Even though your Gululu pets may not be able to dress up with you, they definitely want to be around to keep your kids hydrated while they are eating all of their Halloween sugar. Send us pictures of your little ones in their favorite costumes with their Gululu pets this Halloween! 


Team Gululu

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